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Lionel Messi is fined for defaming 2019 Copa America and COMMEBOL

Lionel Messi is fined for defaming 2019 Copa America and COMMEBOL

The South American Football Federation decided to impose administrative sanctions, instead of suspending against Argentina's star Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi was fined $ 1,500 for alleged lack of ground, according to a statement from the South American Football Federation. The Argentine captain will be suspended for a match at the organization's next events, but it is due to the direct red card in the third match against Chile.

Messi cannot appeal in this case, so his punishment is most likely to be executed right away in Argentina's upcoming friendly match.

Messi played unsuccessfully in the Copa America 2019. He scored only one goal from the penalty, and Argentina failed to Brazil in the semifinals. After that match, Messi accused the tournament of having a negative problem, for example, that referees refused to use VAR to decide on two situations that could lead to penalties for Argentina.

After defeating Chile, Messi also said that his red card was the result of previous statements. The Argentina striker also said that Brazil football team was arranged to win.

Some argue that because of these acts, Messi may be penalized for multiple matches.

Copa America is the South American team level championship. In addition to 10 teams in this area, this year's Organizing Committee invited Japan and Qatar. The following year tournament will be held simultaneously in Colombia and Argentina.