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Brazil vs Paraguay results: VAR, red card & choking series (Copa America quarterfinals)

Brazil vs Paraguay results: VAR, red card & choking series (Copa America quarterfinals)

The match between the Brazilian and Paraguay is filled with emotions from VAR, red card. The final result of Copa America quarterfinals is only determined on the lucky draw of penalty shootout.

Brazil vs Paraguay starting lineup:

Brazil football team: Alisson, Silva, Marquinhos, Luis, Dani Alves, Coutinho, Allan, Arthur, Firmino, Everton, Jesus

Paraguay football team: Fernandez, Balbuena, Alonso, Gomez, Arzamendia, Piris, Ortiz, Sanchez, Perez, Gonzalez, Almiron

Entering the first quarterfinals of 2019 Copa America, the Brazil football team is of course much appreciated than Paraguay.

With outstanding power and great players stretching at 3 levels, "Samba dancers" play to dominate and take full control of the match. However, Brazil's continuous attacks are easily eliminated by the tight defense of Paraguay football team.

29 minutes, Brazil almost even conceded before a powerful shot by Derlis González in the penalty area. Thankfully, in this situation, Alisson Becker goalkeeper saved the ball. The next time, Brazil still played deadlock and accepted the 0-0 draw result after the first 45 minutes ended.

Entering the second half, the turning point came after the referee consulted the VAR technology that disqualified Fabián Balbuena, but refused to give the Brazilian football team a penalty.

In the absence of players, Paraguay football team must stretch themselves to stand up to the fierce attacks of their opponents. But after the end of the official 90 minutes of the match, Brazil failed to score in the opponent's net despite having 26 goals.

On the rotation, the bravery of "Samba dancers" is shown in time. The Paraguay football team missed two goals and accepted the game with a final 3-4 defeat. The Brazilian footballers' opponents in the semifinals will be determined after the match between the Argentina football team and the Venezuelan football team.

Copa America quarterfinals

Match score: Brazil 0-0 Paraguay

Red card: Fabián Balbuena 58 '

Penalty score: Brazil 4-3 Paraguay