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Brazil vs Paraguay live, preview and watch online: Let's sing the Samba song

Brazil vs Paraguay live, preview and watch online: Let's sing the Samba song

Let us see some live preview, predictions of professional experts about Brazil vs Paraguay clash in quarter-final of Copa America 2019.

While Paraguay likely to "build a bus" in front of the goal to get a tie in order to drag the owner to the series of lucky draws, Brazil has no choice but attack and attack. The 11-meter shoot-out nightmare against Paraguay forced the samba company to find ways to defeat the opponent in 90 minutes.

Psychological disadvantage

With a format that has no extra time in the quarterfinals, Brazil football is the one who feels anxious. Selecao lost to Paraguay in both recent confrontations in the Copa America, both from an 11-meter shootout (quarter-finals of Copa America 2015 and 2011). Not to mention the huge pressure from the home audience can distract the Brazilian players' legs and head.

Therefore, Tite lowered the order to win at all costs in 90 minutes of play. The Brazil captain was twice to the Arena by Gremio to check the grass. And until before the competition he was still not satisfied. The hard, dry grass at the stadium with a capacity of 55,000 seats has not improved much after Lionel Messi complaints. The Argentine players have had a lot of trouble implementing small kicks because of poor quality in the match against Qatar. Tite needs to anticipate this. Brazil will certainly encounter similar obstacles.

Brazil vs Paraguay live, preview and watch online: Lets sing the Samba song

If Brazil can hardly maximize their kicking way, Paraguay is ready to "build a bus" in front of goal keeper Gatito Fernandez. "Pragmaticism" by Eduardo Berizzo coaches have land to play. Paraguay does not need to attack, do not need to score (only 3 goals, at least the prize) even without winning is still in the quarterfinals. In fact, Paraguay once demolished the identity to play liberally before Qatar. But their subjectivity has to pay for two goals (2-2). It was an expensive lesson for Berizzo and his students, forcing them to go deeper into the inherent defensive shell.

Look at the star

How Paraguay defends, Brazil is too clear. But to penetrate that line is not easy. In the group stage, Selecao was helpless before a Venezuelan kick disciplined and tied up like Paraguay.

Paraguay came off with a 4-4-1-1 system but in fact they played almost with 9 defenders and a single Oscar Cardozo plugged in above. The Paraguay players advocated solid rock with an average of 16.7 fouls per game (behind Chile only with 18.3 in 8 teams in the quarterfinals). Above all Paraguay is a stubborn team, the links are closely linked. In the group stage, Argentine stars are lucky to escape the defeat of concrete blocks built by Berizzo (1-1).

Saying that does not mean Paraguay is an impregnable fortress. In all positions they are not comparable to Brazil. The human element is the biggest support for Tite in the quarterfinals. Brazil may have problems with gameplay that are still not really smooth. But they have outstanding individuals who turn around. A long shot from Coutinho, an acceleration of Gabriel Jesus or an ecstatic moment of Everton can tear the Paraguay net.

Don't forget, Brazil scored the most effective Copa America this year with 8 goals. Selecao is also the team with the most players on the scoring list (6), with Alves, Casemiro, Willian, Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Everton taking turns "firing". In the game where the Paraguayan people actively defend, Brazil needs the difference from individuals. And that's never been missing for Tite's team.


Brazil: Casemiro is absent due to suspension

- Paraguay: Full force.

Brazil vs Paraguay live, preview and watch online: Lets sing the Samba song

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Coach Tite (Brazil): "Paraguay will definitely defend. They don't even need to attack. But we have many options to force them to make mistakes. "

Coach Eduardo Berizzo (Paraguay): "We do not wait for 11m shootout. We can beat Brazil in 90 minutes. They are very strong but they have also encountered some problems in the group stage. ”