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Tevez: "Playing football in China is the worst decision in my career"


Two years after leaving China, Argentinian striker Carlos Tevez said that he was wrong to decide to play football in the Chinese Super League.

In 2016, Chinese club Shanghai Shenhua paid for Carlos Tevez the annual salary of 41 million dollars, making him the world's highest-paid football player at that time.

However, he just played 16 games in the 2017 Chinese Super League season, scoring four goals. He lost his place in the starting lineup due to overweight and unfit to play.

Instead of gaining love from Chinese supporters, Tevez expressed an unprofessional attitude that made them angry. He said that he just considered his time in China as a holiday, and he would turn back to Argentina after receiving his full salary.

"Playing football in China is the worst decision in my career", said Tevez. "Everything was terrible that made me suffered a lot at that time. I wish I would have never gone to China to play, and I regret it almost every day since then".

Nevertheless, he ignored to mention the huge amount of money he received when he played for Shanghai Shenhua in 2017.

Tevez was always a controversial figure because of what he did. In 2009, he became the enemy of Manchester United fans after joining Manchester City.

When City crowned the Premier League champion in 2012, Tevez cheered by raising a board which was written: "Rest in peace, Fergie".