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Shanghai Shenhua sports director: "Chinese players cannot pass or shoot"

Shanghai Shenhua sports director:

Asked by Chinese media, Wu Jingui, sports director of Shanghai Shenhua football club criticized the qualify of Chinese players.

"They do not know how to pass or shoot properly", said Wu Jingui. "We can see that in the two first matches in the 2019 EAFF E-1 Football Championship when Japan and South Korea proved that they are at different levels".

"While their players put the pressure and attacked, all the things that China could do was to defend. Moreover, when Chinese footballers got a ball, they could not launch the attacks, and many players did not know how to pass or shoot".

Mentioning about that phenomenon, Shanghai Shenhua sports director assumed the root cause is clubs in the Chinese Super League overused foreign players in the squad.

When they repeatedly took the place in the starting lineups, local attackers did not have many chances to improve themselves in official matches.

Furthermore, coaches also ignored them because they needed to gain impressive results with foreign strikers, or they would be sacked soon.

As a result, that phenomenon harmed to the national team. In the 2022 World Cup qualification round, they constantly had bad results. After drawing the Philippines, China lost Syria, which made Marcello Lippi resign.

However, Wu Jingui believed that things would be worse with the Olympic team when they had no chance to advance to the final tournament.