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Scolari refused to coach Beijing Gouan because of the salary "too low"

Scolari refused to coach Beijing Gouan because of the salary

After failing to become the champion of the 2019 Chinese Super League, Beijing Guoan contacted to Luiz Felipe Scolari. However, the Brazilian coach refused their offer.

At 71, Scolari was just fired by Brazilian club Palmeiras a few months ago. On the other hand, Beijing Guoan wants to find another manager to replace the current coach Bruno Genesio.

In 2019, the French man failed to achieve the Chinese Super League title. From the club owners' point of view, it is a great defeat after spending a huge amount of money to buy players who are playing in the top leagues of Europe.

Among many managers, Scolari becomes the most wanted candidate thanks to the trophies he achieved in China in the past. However, two sides could not reach an agreement about his income.

Chinese club said that they would give him an annual salary of 6.5 million euros, while the Brazilian coach wanted to receive at least 7.5 million euros a year.

Moreover, he felt that Beijing Guoan owners did not really want to work with him, because they still kept Genesio as the head coach.

"His coaching performance decreased significantly in recent years, so we cannot pay him more than 6.5 million euros a year", said a club official. "However, Scolari thought that he was still at the top, so he demanded an amount of money that we were not able to meet".