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REVEAL: Li Tie included in three-man shortlist to become China head coach

REVEAL: Li Tie included in three-man shortlist to become China head coach

At present, the Chinese Football Association (CFA) is considering among three candidates to appoint the new head coach of the China national football team.

According to Live Sports Asia's source, those candidates were Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng, and Wang Baoshan. They would be interview next week at CFA's headquarter, with the questions mentioning their determination with the national team.

Among them, Li Tie was currently the caretaker manager of the China team competing at the 2019 EAFF E1 Championship. However, results were not good, with two defeats and one winning match.

Moreover, CFA needed to arrange things quickly, because those managers were serving other football clubs.

While Li Tie was the head coach of Wuhan Zall, Li Xiaopeng was the manager of Shandong Luneng, and Wang Baoshan was working with Henan Jianye.

All of them were top clubs in the Chinese Super League, so they needed to meet their teams to prepare for the new season in January.

China team's managerial seat was still vacant after Marcello Lippi resigned last month. At the moment, their squad was a mess with low-quality and overage-naturalized players.

When Lippi announced his resignation, he said that one of the reasons making him decide to do that was he could not ask Chinese players to do what he guided them. Consequently, many foreign coaches were not ready to work with the China team at present.