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PATRIOTISM! Wuhan Zall's boss in the battle against coronavirus

PATRIOTISM! Wuhan Zall's boss in the battle against coronavirus

In such a tense battle against this contagious virus, the act of Mr. Yan Zhi, the owner of Wuhan Zall has been the role model for China.

According to Forbes, Yan Zhi's net worth is more than $2 billion. As a former student at Wuhan University, he is considered to be one of the most wealthy people at the city. On January 24th, Wuhan closed its border. Just one day later, he called out on all of his shareholders as well as his staff to join hands, in order to fight this battle against coronavirus. 

Since then, he supports the city in the... billionaire way. His company, Zall Holdings, connects to other companies to buy medical facilities. He instructs his staff to buy as many masks, breather and protective clothes as possible, and have them delivered to Wuhan as fast as possible, whatever the price and the quantity is.

PATRIOTISM! Wuhan Zalls boss in the battle against coronavirus

He asked the Marubeni Company from Japan to supply all of these facilities. With the cooperation from numerous Chinese and Japanese airlines, 50,000 sets of protective clothes have been delivered to Wuhan on January 30, just 48 hours after the announcement. Two days later, another 37,450 sets of protective clothes are delivered straight from Tokyo, Japan. He rented 11 flights to ship 400.000 N95 masks, over 300.000 sets of protective clothes, nearly 3 million medical masks, 40,000 medical safety googles and 200 breathers in those dying days. And all of those facilities are free from his money to be sent to the hospitals.

After the facilities, he realized the problems of Wuhan is the lack of hospitals and beds. His professional medical association has form 7 new hospitals in Wuhan and other nearby cities, with an additional 4.580 beds are ready. He said that, the doctors have to be assigned by the government, but he will help taking control of the medical facilities.

He writes on social media, stating that "As long as the city is in need, we won't just supply free hospitals. Free beds, sheets, flowers and plants, books and magazines and other volunteers to help sending fruits and meals are also included. Because our people (from Wuhan) is here!"

Yan Zhi continues to hold more meetings to initiate new plans for the city. Beds, sheets, electric blankets, new TV, bookcases, charging stations, food courts,... to assure that "every single patient have an apple or a banana per day".

Until now February 12th, Zall Holdings has donated facilities and money worth more than 60 million Yuan, which is equivalent to over $8,5 million to help saving his hometown.