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LONG TRAVEL: Li Tie comes to Spain to see Wu Lei playing

LONG TRAVEL: Li Tie comes to Spain to see Wu Lei playing

Instead of waiting for Wu Lei joining China national football team, coach Li Tie paid a visit to Spain to observe him.

In the 2019/20 season, Wu Lei proved himself as one of the best players at Espanyol, scoring seven goals in 33 matches played.

However, that number is not enough for coach Li Tie to use him in the China national football team for the following matches at the second qualification round of the 2022 World Cup.

It seems that the Chinese coach wants to find out the way to let Wu Lei score as many goals as possible for the national team, so he decides to travel to Spain to see Wu Lei playing at La Liga.

Interestingly, Li Tie is not isolated due to the epidemic outbreak in China.

In the past, before the popularity of Wu Lei at La Liga, Li Tie was one of the most well-known Chinese players who used to play in Europe.

After an impressive performance at the 2002 World Cup as a veteran of China national football team, he transferred to Premier League club Everton, in which he played under the guidance of David Moyes.

The Scottish manager described him as the best defensive midfielder he has ever had at the time he coached Everton. However, he did not have many chances to prove himself in the Premier League due to serious injuries.