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Limit players' salary, China marks the end for the Super League?

Limit players' salary, China marks the end for the Super League?

Today, CFA issued a new regulation related to the transfer policy of Chinese clubs in the Super League. As it followed, they set the highest amount of money that clubs are allowed to pay for their players.

To be specific, Chinese Super League clubs must not pay more than three million euros after tax for newly signed foreign players.

In terms of local footballers, their maximum salary is ten million yuan, which can be raised to twelve if he is called up to the national football team. Moreover, the highest salary of players aged under 21 is very low, which is about 300 thousand yuans a year.

According to the Chinese Football Association (CFA), this regulation will prevent clubs from wasting money on low-quality players, especially foreign ones.

CFA believed that the transfer policy of Chinese clubs was one of the results making the decline of the China national team in recent years, so they had to do something to tackle that.

Limit the amount of money paid for the players seemed to be an interesting method, but it contained many problems.

As CFA confirmed, the new regulation only takes effect with players who sign the contract from January 2nd, 2020. Consequently, Brazilian stars currently playing in China namely Hulk, Oscar, and many other players will not be affected.

Moreover, limiting the maximum salary of foreign players will mark the end for the development of the Chinese Super League. In fact, most of them such as Carlos Tevez admitted that they came to China to play football because of the huge amount of salary.