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FUNNY: You can buy the former Chinese club of Witsel and Pato FOR FREE

FUNNY: You can buy the former Chinese club of Witsel and Pato FOR FREE

Due to the financial difficulties in the 2020 season, the owner of the Chinese Super League team Tianjin Tianhai is ready to sell the club.

Tianjin Tianhai is facing serious problems before kicking off the 2020 Chinese Super League season. They could not sign with any new players, making the team have only 18 players in the senior squad.

It was completely different from the time that they challenge any other Chinese clubs by dealing with several top-class players such as Axel Witsel and Alexandre Pato.

After Quanjian Group, the owner of this club, was accused of illegal multi-level marketing and false advertisement in December 2018, they asked the local football association to take over operations before changing the name to Tianjin Tianhai in the 2019 season.

However, things have become more difficult after one year. At the moment, the Tianjin FA is lacking money to keep the team going on competing in the 2020 Chinese Super League.

As a result, Tianjin FA is ready to sell Tianjin Tianhai without demanding to receive any money. According to some sources, there are two companies that want to take over the club, including a real estate firm based in Tianjin.

But they will find it very hard to reform the club by paying a huge amount of money for the debt when it was operated by the Tianjin FA.