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Former South Korea U23 team coach appointed to work in China

Former South Korea U23 team coach appointed to work in China

After dismissing Wang Bo, China League One club Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic official appointed South Korean manager Kim Bong Gil to become the head coach.

To aim for being promoted in the 2020 season, Shaanxi Chang'an Athletic paid a huge amount of money to improve the quality of the team.

They not only signed with top-class foreign players but also sought for a manager who can help them conquer China League One next year. Among many candidates, South Korean coach Kim Bong Gil was chosen to sit in the hot seat of the Chinese club.

With 20 years of coaching experience, Kim Bong Gil was expected to guide Shaanxi Chang'an to achieve a promotion place after ending the 2020 season.

In the past, Kim impressed by gaining many achievements with Incheon United despite not having good players as he wanted, which made him be called "Bong Gil Magic".

Besides that, he also proved his talent as the sports director of Incheon United, helping his team escape from the relegation zone to stand at a positive place in the 2012 season. Next year, he guided the team to compete for the champion.

However, the latest term of Kim Bong Gil as a manager of the South Korea U23 team was a failure.

In the 2018 AFC U23 Championship, his team disappointed by losing Uzbekistan by a 1-4 score in the semi-finals. After that, they continue being defeated by Qatar in the third-place match. As a result, Kim resigned after the competition ended.