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Chinese fans get refunds for tickets because of referee Fu Ming's decisions

Chinese fans get refunds for tickets because of referee Fu Ming's decisions

Dissatisfied with the controversial decisions of referee Fu Ming, a fan in China sued the court to reclaim the ticket money to watch the Super League match.

According to Sohu reported on July 2nd, Lixia District People's Court, Jinan (China) announced the "Civil Ruling on the first instance verdict between Wang Wenzhi and Super League". This verdict is to address the request of a football fan who wants to reclaim the money to buy tickets to watch the Super League match.

Wang Wenzhi, a fan in Shandong sued the China PRC Football Association and Super League, requested a 100-yuan ticket refund in the match between Shandong Luneng and Henan Jianye. This match was played by whistleblower Fu Ming.

According to the indictment of Wang Wenzhi, the Black King (Fu Ming) deliberately made a series of wrong decisions, despite the help of VAR technology, made the match unfair and the meaning of a sport. The court ruled that the Chinese Football Association and Super League had to refund the ticket to Wang Wenzhi and bear the cost of litigation.

The match took place in the second round of the Super League on March 9. Mr. Fu Ming's decisions caused much controversy. He gave Henan Jianye a penalty of 11m in the 77th minute after determining Wang Tong (Shandong Luneng) to touch the ball in the penalty area. However, the slow turnaround situation shows that this is an incorrect decision.

In the 86th minute, Fu Ming did not allow Shandong Luneng to enjoy the same thing when Graziano Pelle fell in the penalty area. In stoppage time, the referee also denied a goal from Shandong Luneng and the two teams ended the match with a 2-2 draw.

After that match, the Shandong Football Federation and the team Shandong Luneng have complained to the Chinese Football Association. After review, the football association decided to hang the referee referee Fu Ming.

Mr. Fu Ming is one of China's top referees, becoming a FIFA referee since 2014. At AFF Cup 2016, this black shirt king pulled the red card directly with goalkeeper Tran Nguyen Manh in the second semi-final match between Vietnam and Indonesia. Player Que Ngoc Hai had to put on gloves and the Vietnam football team was eliminated at home that year.