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Real Madrid bought the younger brother of Japanese football's 'prodigy'

Real Madrid bought the younger brother of Japanese football's 'prodigy'

After signing Takefusa Kubo, Real Madrid owned the younger brother of a Japanese football "prodigy".

Eiji Kubo was brought to the club's youth training facility by Real. 12 years old, Eiji used to play as a midfielder in the Yokohama Marinos shirt. In the near future, the Kubo family will come to Spain to live. This move to help 2 young talents adapt to life in a new environment.

Real Madrid is now in Montreal (Canada) to train to prepare for the new season. "Prodigy" Takefusa Kubo also appeared in the "Los Blancos" component. The 18-year-old midfielder immediately created a fever when attracting media with mostly Japanese reporters.

According to Marca, 15 Japanese reporters waited for more than 4 hours before Ritz Carlton Hotel, which was stationed by Real Madrid. The number of Asian journalists working here is much higher than that of Spanish journalists. This shows that Kubo received much attention from the national media.

Japanese reporters want to know the future of Kubo at Castilla, the number of jerseys and Real's development orientation for this player. The press of the bullfighting team predicts that the 18-year-old midfielder will play in Real's training season, then transfer to the youth team.

The AS said even when Takefusa Kubo kicked for Real Madrid B, it was still a great success with the 18-year-old. At this time, Japanese reporters were eager to see the "super classic" match between Real Madrid B and Barcelona B. The reason was Barcelona after "missing" Kubo bought Hiroki Abe, the promising young Japanese player. from Kashima Antlers.