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Friendly match between India and Tajikistan to be postponed

Friendly match between India and Tajikistan to be postponed

India was due to compete against Tajikistan by the end of March in a friendly match but the tie will most likely be pushed back or cancelled due to the wariness of COVID-19.

According to schedule, the tie will take place on March 31. However, the rapid escalating of the epidemic with India itself is having 31 confirmed cases of being infected with the coronavirus has proposed the possibility of rescheduling the match as a safety precaution. In history, Tajikistan have prevailed in the last three encounters between the two.

Apart from the friendly match, India are also expected to host Qatar at the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers on March 26 but this tie will almost certainly be compromised by COVID-19. India are ranking 4th in group E with just three points after five games.

Technically, the chance to progress as one of the top two teams is still there for India but the huge quality gap between Qatar, Oman and the rest of the group makes it really slim.