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Defeating Thailand dramatically, Vietnam women took the 2019 AFF Cup Women championship

Defeating Thailand dramatically, Vietnam women took the 2019 AFF Cup Women championship

With the only goal of Huynh Nhu, the Vietnamese women's team won the AFF Women championship after 4 years of waiting.

* Scorer: Huynh Nhu 95'

Meeting Thai women in the 2019 AFF Women championship finals, coach Mai Duc Chung and his players are determined to overcome difficulties to win the championship after 4 waiting.

The first half of the match took place with a cautious game of both sides. Thailand, despite being appreciated, did not dare to raise the team ahead of counter-defensive tactics, but coach Mai Duc Chung showed up.

Entering the second half, both teams still kept the match. Thailand holds more balls but does not create too many dangerous opportunities.

The more you drifted towards the end of the match, the more cautious the two teams were. The attack on Vietnam's borderline did not promote much efficiency because of the certainty of Thai defense.

The match continued into extra time. Surprisingly, Huynh Nhu scored the opening goal. But unfortunately, when the moment was so happy, the Vietnamese striker took off his shirt to celebrate and had to receive the card from the referee. Huynh Nhu left the field to make his teammates difficult.

Fans must live in moments of fear of suffocation from Thailand. Finally after 30 minutes of extra time, Mai Duc Chung and his teachers won and won a dramatic championship. The championship deserves the efforts of Vietnamese women in this year's tournament.


Thailand Women vs Vietnam Women match information

Time: 19:00 (GMT+8) on August 27th

Venue: IPE Chonburi Stadium 1, Chonburi, Thailand

Competition: 2019 AFF Women's Championship

Although entering the game quite confidently before the Filipino players in the semi-finals, the Vietnamese women national team faced many difficulties because of the opponent's defensive play style.

However, what makes the fans happy is the beliefs and bravery of Vietnamese girls. Being led by the enemy from the wrong of the home team, the students of coach Mai Duc Chung had a successful comeback with a final score 2-1.

In the remaining semi-final match, facing a weakly rated team like Myanmar, Thai women's team is not difficult to defeat opponents with the score 3-0.

With this result, Vietnam women and Thai women will have a competition in the final of 2019 AFF Women's Championship. Mai Duc Chung's team is expected to face many difficulties when Thailand does not must be a team that is easy to bully.

Nevertheless, Vietnamese girls will definitely do their best to bring back the valuable championship to the home team, followed by the success of the Vietnamese men's team at AFF Cup 2018.