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Thailand Women vs Singapore Women LIVE, AFF Women's Championship

Thailand Women vs Singapore Women LIVE, AFF Women's Championship

Let us review and make predictions of the match between Thailand Women vs Singapore Women at 19:00 (GMT+8) on August 17th (AFF Women's Championship).

Thailand Women vs Singapore Women, AFF Women's Championship

Time: 19:00, August 17th (GMT+8)

The achievement of the Thailand Women in 2019 is very bad when they lose to 8/9 matches. However, it should be noted that all matches for the Golden Temple team must be played under the door. Remember, the Thai Lady is the only representative of Southeast Asia to have participated in the 2019 FIFA World Cup, where they are in the same group as the USA Women and Sweden Women.

In the area, Thai Women are the number one team, and that will be shown by them in the next 90 minutes. Singaporean women have never been considered an obstacle to the Thai Women, and they are even considered one of the two weakest teams in the region (after Lady Timor Leste). According to statistics, Singapore Women lost 8, only drew 2/10 recent matches, losing consecutive matches with 6 draws.

Furthermore, three recent encounters between the two teams also witnessed the superiority of the Thai Women, when they won with a difference of 6 goals or more and not conceded.