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Overcoming Philippines, Vietnam entered the final of 2019 AFF Women's Championship

Overcoming Philippines, Vietnam entered the final of 2019 AFF Women's Championship

Two goals by Huynh Nhu and Tuyet Dung have helped Vietnam Tel to win the first ticket to play the final of 2019 AFF Women's Championship.

This afternoon, Vietnamese women have entered the semifinals of the Southeast Asian women's football tournament with rivals Philippines. With persuasive performance in the group stage, Mai Duc Chung and his teachers are expected to continue to win and win a ticket to play the final.

And in line with the expectations of the fans, the girls of Vietnam have successfully completed their mission even though it was not easy. In the first half of the tournament, the Philippines showed that they were in the semi-finals that were absolutely worth it.

Accepting playing with the mind of the lower door, the Philippines has built an extremely disciplined and focused defense, causing Vietnam to face many difficulties in deploying attacks. Not only that, they were fortunate to have a leading goal in the 35th minute after a combination of lack of cooperation between defender Hong Nhung and goalkeeper Kim Thanh.

However, the superiority of Vietnam was quickly shown. Only 6 minutes after conceding, the army of coach Mai Duc Chung had a equalizer. The winner was none other than captain Huynh Nhu after an accurate finish.

Coming to the second half, Vietnam continued to maintain the dominant position. And successive attacks have finally yielded results. After 58 minutes, after a good arrangement, the player with No. 7 Nguyen Thi Tuyet Dung launched a technical shot with his right foot, completely defeating the goalkeeper's efforts in the Philippines.

Tuyet Dung's beautiful goal has also set a 2-1 victory, thereby helping the Vietnamese female team officially participate in the final of 2019 AFF Women's Championship. The opponent of Vietnamese girls will is the winning team in the remaining semi-final match between Thailand and Myanmar.


Philippines Women vs Vietnam Women match information

Time: 16:00 (GMT+8) on August 25th

Venue: IPE Chonburi Stadium 1, Chonburi, Thailand

Competition: 2019 AFF Women's Championship

In a fairly comment, Vietnamese women are the best team in the group stage. After 3 matches have kicked, the girls of coach Mai Duc Chung won all 3 matches kicked.

More notably, the women's team from Vietnam scored 21 goals and did not concede. Until this time, Thai women were the only team with more goals than Vietnamese women (28 goals) but the home team could not keep the net as clean as the red shirt girls.

Back in the semi-finals, Vietnam women will have an easy 90 minutes when their opponents are under the Philippines women's team. In the group stage, Filipino women won 3 and only lost 1 match. But if you analyze more carefully, the achievement is not enough for fans to devote their faith to Filipino women.

As a reminder, they can only overcome opponents below the range of Malaysia, East Timor or Singapore. When encountering stronger opponents like Thailand - a team of the same level as Vietnamese women, they soon revealed all weaknesses when losing with the score of 2-4.

Philippines Women vs Vietnam Women score predictions: 1-4