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Myanmar Women vs Thailand Women LIVE, Preview & Predictions

Myanmar Women vs Thailand Women LIVE, Preview & Predictions

Let us predict and analyze the match between Myanmar Women vs Thailand Women in the semi-final of 2019 AFF Women's Championship.

Myanmar Women vs Thailand Women match information

Time: 19:00 (GMT+8) on August 25th

Venue: IPE Chonburi Stadium 1, Chonburi, Thailand

Competition: 2019 AFF Women's Championship

With the advantage of playing at home stadium, Thailand women soon proved they are bright candidates for 2019 AFF Women's Championship. In fact, looking at the quality of players to bring to the world, Thai women have not satisfied home audience.

After four matches in the group stage, Thai women brought in 12 absolute points, thereby firmly standing in the first place in Group A. More frightening when Thai women's attacking goods scored 28 goals. At the same time, they only conceded twice. If both groups are counted, this is the best difference.

Back in the semi-finals, Thai women had an easy match when their opponents were only female Myanmar.

Fairly, Myanmar women play not so bad when winning 2 and losing only 1 match. But the grave of the women in mind, the two victories that Myanmar women have before all the competitors like Indonesia or Cambodia, and when they have the same level of competition as the Vietnamese women, they quickly reveal their weak ability with a 0-4 defeat.

Myanmar Women vs Thailand Women score predictions: 0-3