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Indonesia Women 0-7 Vietnam Women: Seven heaven for the Vietnamese team

Indonesia Women 0-7 Vietnam Women: Seven heaven for the Vietnamese team

Vietnamese women continue to win impressively against Indonesia when they hit the opponent's net 7 goals without equalizing.

Meeting Indonesia in the second match, Mai Duc Chung and his students were determined to win 3 points to make sure they got tickets to the AFF Cup semi-final in 2019.

The efforts of young girls are concretized in the first minute. The ball was sent to the edge then a Vietnamese female player dropped the low-range ball into the penalty area. Bich Thuy took advantage of the looseness of Indonesian crafts to open the score.

Having an early goal, Vietnamese girls play very comfortably. They constantly pass the ball back and forth to stretch the enemy squad. In this tournament, coach Mai Duc Chung practiced very well on the front line, especially in the midfield before mixing the ball to the bottom of the board for the winger to throw in.

In turn of 19 and 22 minutes, Huynh Nhu and Hai Yen took advantage of such situations to record two goals in a row to help Vietnam lead 3-0. Before the first half ended, Huynh Nhu scored 2 more goals to give himself a hat-trick against Indonesia.

Entering the next round, Vietnam Tel is still more active players. Almost the ball mainly rolled on the pitch of Indonesia. However, Vietnam Tel does not attack too aggressively but mainly passes the ball back and forth to save energy. However, we still have 2 more goals due to Tuyet Dung's work from overlapping situations.

The match ended with the score of 7-0 for Vietnamese women. This result helps us temporarily lead the table but has definitely won tickets to the semifinals with 6 absolute points after 2 matches.


Indonesia Women vs Vietnam Women , 2019 AFF Women's Championship

Time: 16:00, August 18th (GMT+8)

Winning the direct confrontation between Vietnam and Indonesia today, coach Mai Duc Chung will soon win a ticket to pass the group stage.

Vietnam women started their journey in 2019 AFF Cup with an impressive 10-0 victory. That also helps coach Mai Duc Chung and his players to top the table when compared to Myanmar in terms of difference (+10 compared with +7).

Sharing about this match, the 70-year-old coach said: "The Cambodian team is too weak, they pass the ball so much, so it is not surprising to lose it. Although the Cambodian players are very hard, they are inferior to us in every way. , from expertise to experience, also because of the determination that the opponent is not strong, I actively arrange 'moderate' formation to prepare for the next important matches".

Meeting Indonesia in the second match, maybe the girls in red shirt need not be too energetic when coach Mai Duc Chung confidently said: "The next match against Indonesia, they are slightly better than Cambodia and compared to us, here. still a weak team, Vietnam will have to try to score many goals".

For 4 years, Vietnamese women have not won the AFF Women's Championship, so this year we are determined to win the championship, overthrow Thailand's dominance. This is also a premise for women's football towards the World Cup 2023 goal when the number of teams is raised from 24 to 32.