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Vietnam U18 1-2 Cambodia U18: The host was eliminated from the group stage

Vietnam U18 1-2 Cambodia U18: The host was eliminated from the group stage

The 1–2 defeat against Cambodia has caused Vietnam to stop right after the group stage in the 2019 AFF U18 tournament this year.

This afternoon, Vietnam U18 played the final match in the group stage of the 2019 AFF U18 tournament with rival Cambodia U18. This is a match that teachers and coach Hoang Anh Tuan are forced to win and wait for a surprise in the remaining 2 matches to get a ticket to the semifinals.

With a high level of determination and outstanding qualifications, Vietnam U18 created a game that completely surpassed Cambodia's U18. With the ability to coordinate smoothly of players in the upper level such as Van Huy, Cong Den or Nguyen Hoang, Vietnam U18 always maintains a great pressure on the opponent's goal.

In the first 45 minutes, there were many dangerous situations created but just like the previous games, the finish was always a problem for Vietnamese U18 players. In turn, Tien Sinh missed out on the ten opportunities. Luckily, Vietnam was not on the side when at the end of the first half, Xuan Tao managed to get the ball into the net but the goal was not recognized when the referee said that he used the ball to play. However, the slow video footage later showed that it was a mistake by the referee.

Coming to the second half, Vietnam U18 still tried to put up the attack to seek victory. However, when the offensive efforts have yet to bring results, Vietnam U18 has unexpectedly received a losing goal. 50 minutes, from an unsuccessful tape exit situation of goalkeeper Y Eli Niê, Cambodia U18 had the opportunity to launch a counterattack. And striker Sieng Chanthea made good use of the situation to face the goal of kicking the Vietnam U18, opening the score.

In order for the opponent to puncture the net, Vietnam U18 rushed to attack with the spirit of nothing to lose. However, Cambodia's U18 also showed that their victory against Thailand's Under-18s was unfortunate. Cambodia's U18 created an extremely disciplined defensive line, making every effort of the Vietnam U18 to a standstill.

Just until 90 + 2 minutes, Kim Nhat player has a very fast connection kick, bringing the table to equalize and rekindled hope to continue for Vietnam U18. However, that hope was quickly extinguished when only 3 minutes later, from the final counter-attack, the Cambodia U18 won the second goal after Thy Lieng's easy close-up ball, through which, officially removed Vietnam from the U18 South East Asia tournament.

In matches at the same time, Australia U18 buried Singapore U18 with a score of 5-0. Meanwhile, Thailand U18 have suddenly won 1-0 against U18 Malaysia. 2 teams with tickets to the semifinals in Group B are U18 Australia and U18 Malaysia.


Match information:

Vietnam U18 vs Cambodia U18 , 2019 U18 AFF tournament

Time: 17:00 (GMT+8), August 15th

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium, HCM city, Vietnam

TV live channel: HTVTT, BTV2, VTVCad, VTC1 (VTVcab - Vietnam National Televison)

In the final match of the 2019 AFF U18 tournament , U18 Vietnam needs to win over Cambodia and wait for competitors to stumble.

17h00 on August 15th (GMT+8)), U18 Vietnam will play the final match of the 2019 AFF U18 tournament, meeting Cambodia U18. This is a 'survival' game that requires coach and coach Hoang Anh Tuan to win if he wants to continue.

Vietnam U18 has 2 victories, 1 draw and 1 loss. In particular, the home team beat the top team Malaysia and Singapore. On the other side of the front line, Cambodia's U18 only had one victory with a score of 4-3 against Thailand's bottom team.

With the correlation of the difference force and superior level, U18 Vietnam is likely to win 3 points before Cambodia U18. In the situation where there is nothing left to lose, Coach Hoang Anh Tuan can completely use the strongest attacking lineup with Nguyen Hoang, Manh Quynh and Xuan Tao, to win with a big difference before the Angkor warriors.

However, 3 points before Cambodia U18 is only a necessary condition, the army of coach Hoang Anh Tuan needs to wait for enough conditions from direct competitors U18 Malaysia and Australia U18. Both of our opponents compete in the same time frame at 17:00.

The most beautiful scenario with Vietnam U18 is one of Malaysia and Australia teams will lose at the last game. Thus, Xuan Tao and his teammates only need to win 3 points in front of U18 Cambodia will win tickets to continue with the second place.

In case one of our rivals wins the draw, Vietnam U18 will have to do their best to win over Cambodia with a 7-8 goal difference. If you can do this, coach Hoang Anh Tuan will have 10 points compared to the opponent, but still have tickets to go on thanks to the difference in the difference.

The worst thing happened was when the Malaysia U18 and Australia U18 both won against Singapore and Thailand. Meanwhile, Vietnam U18 will be eliminated with Thailand and Cambodia, despite the results in the final match.

Due to the loss of self-determination, the Vietnam U18 team needs to hope its opponents will stumble, before settling on Cambodia's U18. Coach Hoang Anh Tuan said: "In theory, U18 Vietnam still has the opportunity to go on. We do not expect the outcome of the match between Thailand and Malaysia in the last round. I also have to focus all my strength on the final meeting with Cambodia U18. It is very dependent on whether or not to go forward.