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Vietnam U18 drawed Thailand U18, facing disadvantages against Malaysia & Australia

Vietnam U18 drawed Thailand U18, facing disadvantages against Malaysia & Australia

0-0 is the result in the fourth round of group B in Thanh Long Stadium (HCMC) on August 13th night, the game coach Hoang Anh Tuan lost the right to decide the ticket to the semifinals.

Thailand does not bear the pressure of achievement when entering the game, because it is definitely eliminated. They only won one point after three matches, and could not compete with the top teams Malaysia and Australia (with 9 points) even when winning the remaining two games. On the other hand, Vietnam not only has to win, but also needs a big gap to raise hope. Coach Hoang Anh Tuan has 6 points with +1 difference.

What happens on the pitch is far below the expectations of the fans. Thailand competes smoothly, while Vietnam attacks continuously but lacks the mutations and pieces needed. The home team usually approaches the opponent's goal with a line of attack or volleyball. However, the more accurate the end, the worse. First half, the students of coach Hoang Anh Tuan did not even hit a finish.

Speed ​​is pushed higher in the second half. However, except for the spirit of determination, professional quality has not improved. Vietnam 's routes lack connectivity, the roads are less coherent and low damage. After a long period of "hungry balls", the trio on the public goods including Nguyen Hang, Cong Den, Kim Nhat often back down deeply. This led to a number of deployments from the two margins, and there were not enough Vietnamese players in the Thai ban to join the war.

The most dangerous situation that Vietnam created was 57 minutes, when Nguyen Hoang passed the ball smoothly for Xuan Tao to face Thai goalkeeper U18. However, due to the narrow angle, the shot of the host's player failed.

Besides poor professional quality, the players sometimes make mistakes with each other. Typically, Nguyen Hoang's response after being cut down by Thai players in the second half. The players on both sides rushed into clashes, causing the referee to intervene.

Having won only one match point, Vietnam must look forward to the surprise at the final round - where Malaysia meets Thailand, while Australia plays Singapore. If the top teams win, they will go on. Meanwhile, the match with Cambodia is only a procedure for Vietnam.

Starting lineup:

Vietnam: Medicine Eli Nie, Hoang Phuc, Khac Luong, Minh Trong, Tuan Tai, Xuan Binh, Cong Den, Nhi Khang, Quang Tu, Nguyen Hoang, Kim Nhat.

Thailand: Soponwit, Phongsakon, Pharadon, Jakkrapong, Achitpol, Kritsana, Channarong, Natcha, Sitthinan, Purachet, Chatmongkol.

Thailand U18 vs Vietnam U18 LIVE, AFF U18 Youth Championship

Time: 20:00, August 13th (GMT+8)

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

TV live channel: HTVTT, BTV2, BĐTV, VTC1 (VTVcab - Vietnam National Televison


The hostility between Thai and Vietnamese football platforms appears and exists ever since, no one is clear. But it has never reached its peak like this time. Saying that because ancient Thai football has surpassed Vietnam from the youth team level to the national team.

But in nearly 2 years, the Vietnamese nationals are gradually regaining their faces for generations before achieving great success in regional and international arenas. Even in recent direct confrontations, Thai football must also bow to Vietnamese football.

So even though Thai people have little hope to continue in the Southeast Asian U18 tournament this year, a victory over U18 Vietnam is also a medicine to ease the pain of the pride of Thai football over the past time.

However, coach Hoang Anh Tuan is not easy for Thailand to do that. In his hands, he is training as a group of new talented players, perhaps he is most satisfied after the generation of Quang Hai, Van Hau, ... who attended the U20 FIFA World Cup two years ago.

The Xuan Tao, Manh Quynh, Cong Den, ... are bringing charming gameplay to U18 Vietnam. After 3 matches in the group stage, U18 Vietnam won 2 matches and lost only to Australia. In a tournament that is considered death with most of the teams difficult to play in Southeast Asia, this achievement is not bad. Even Australia won 4-1 but those who saw the match understood, the players from the country of Kangaroo were very hard to do that.

Although coach Hoang Anh Tuan once said he did not place a lot of achievements in the tournament this year, but surely in his heart as well as many other Vietnamese, a victory over Thailand will be the best thing that the bridges Vietnamese U18 players can do for fans.

After 3 matches of the group stage, Thailand only won 1 point. They slipped 3 points at the last seconds against Singapore, shocked by Cambodia and left Australia humiliated 3-1. Before a Thai silver competition with the same inexhaustible gameplay like this, this is a ripe opportunity for Vietnam U18 to lower the opponent's beauty. At the same time quenching small hopes about Thailand's opportunity to continue.

The football party was already set up on the Thong Nhat stadium, sure the stands will be filled and just waiting for the convincing performance from the Vietnam U18, the party will be perfect.