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Thailand U18 lost the second consecutive match in the 2019 AFF U18 tournament

Thailand U18 lost the second consecutive match in the 2019 AFF U18 tournament

The young football team of Thailand failed 1-3 against Australia in the third round of Group B on Go Dau stadium (Binh Duong), on the afternoon of August 11th.

After the unexpected 3-4 defeat in the hands of Cambodia, Thailand U18 must defeat Australia to keep the chance to continue. If the weak opponent's defeat in the second match is explained by launching the reserve team, this match, Thailand will use the best players.

They rushed to attack immediately after the opening whistle. The combination of small stone, Thai speed and determination caused many difficulties for Australia. Many opportunities have been created, but the ability to limit it makes them unable to find Australian nets.

To the second half, Thailand still maintained the attack but their strikers continued to be ungainly. Ball or deviate from the column or be blocked by the Australian goalkeeper.

Striking a lot without scoring a goal, Thailand received a backlash. Consecutive 56 minutes, 67 minutes and 78 minutes, two strikers Ruiz-Diaz and Carlucio teamed up to score three goals. Ruiz-Diaz scored twice.

Thailand's effort only helped them shorten the score to 1-3 in the 82nd minute, thanks to Natcha Prornsormboon.

Losing the battle but Thailand showed that they were completely unremarkable. During the match, the South East Asian team launched 20 defeats, compared with 11 for Australia. But efficiency is what makes it different.

After three matches, Thailand has only one point and is ranked at the bottom of Group B. Their chances of going on are almost gone, even when defeating Vietnam and Malaysia in the last two matches. Meanwhile, the third consecutive victory helped Australia to top the table.

In the match at the same time, Malaysia won Cambodia 3-0 to rise to second place.