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Thailand U18 faces the ironic comments after the defeat against Cambodia U18

Thailand U18 faces the ironic comments after the defeat against Cambodia U18

After the defeat of Thailand's Under-18s against Cambodia U18, Thai's press had a lot of negative posts with sarcasm and synthesized uncharacteristic comments about this match.

After the 4-3 defeat of Thailand U18 against Cambodia U18 in the  Group B of the 2019 U18 AFF tournamebt, Thai media voiced pain about the defeat of the home team.

SMM Sport newspaper headlines with an ironic tone: "Thailand U18" shocked the world 'when it lost to Cambodia U18'. This defeat is seen as humiliating and shocking information to Thailand's fans. "The Million Elephant Army" wants to find the number one position in Southeast Asia but has lost to Cambodia.

Being highly appreciated, but Thailand let Cambodia record 4 tables in net. Because of this, they are suffering from many axes of public opinion with their heavy words such as "disaster football philosophy", "playing like a professional player"...

Siam Sport even synthesized some negative comments from Thai fans in one of their posts. Golden Pagoda fans commented negatively:

"Young Thai players lose on all fronts. This is the worst time in 10 years. Both the coach and the players need to make their minds more comfortable, get rid of the old systems".

"I am 50 years old and I have never seen Thailand lose to Cambodia. I feel ashamed, it is unacceptable".

"FAT's job is to help other Southeast Asian teams as strong as Thailand. The upcoming mission is to upgrade Brunei".

In the next match on August 11th, Thailand will confront the opponent considered the strongest in Group B, Australia U18. With the current form, it is difficult for the "War Elephant" to make a great shock against this team.