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Singapore U18 vs Campuchia U18 LIVE, AFF U18 Championship

Singapore U18 vs Campuchia U18 LIVE, AFF U18 Championship

Let us review and make predictions of the match between Singapore U18 vs Campuchia U18 at 17:30 (GMT+8) on August 13th (2019 AFF U18 Championship).

Singapore U18 vs Campuchia U18, AFF U18 Youth Championship

Time: 17:30, August 13th (GMT+8)

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

TV live channel: HTVTT, BTV2, TTTV (VTVcab - Vietnam National Televison)

Falling into the tournament table with U18 Australia, U18 Thailand, U18 Vietnam, U18 Malaysia and Singapore U18, U18 Cambodia is certainly given no chance to go on, even considered a "point of treasures". However, Cambodia's U18 has made everyone surprised.

In the second round, Cambodia U18 created a seismic shake in Southeast Asia by knocking down Thailand U18 with a score of 4-3. However, on that day, the students of Gyotoku Koji were more or less fortunate to support even though they did not deny that they had played out.

Evidence of the youth team from the pagoda tower was not conceded after a series of ten chances of Thailand U18, and at the right time, they earned a goal thanks to the goal of the opponent's home. Although 3 points ahead of U18 Thailand could not help the Cambodian U18 to light the hope of going forward, but it still showed that they deserved respect.

On the opposite side, U18 Singapore was unable to win after 3 matches played. After lucky draws Thailand U18 in the game, they lost to Malaysia U18 and Vietnam U18 respectively. It is known that Singapore U18 has experienced 7 consecutive unforeseen games (losing 6). So, don't be surprised if the victory belongs to Cambodia U18 in this match.