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Singapore U18 coach pointed out the cause of failure against Vietnam U18

Singapore U18 coach pointed out the cause of failure against Vietnam U18

Singapore coach U18 - Mohamed Fadzuhasny has shared after the 0-3 defeat against the Vietnamese host before the third match in Group A of 2019 U18 AFF tournament.

When encountering Vietnam U18 who was too strong and played at home, Singapore U18 could not create a surprise. After 90 minutes of play, coach Mohamed Fadzuhasny's men received 3 goals. This failure caused the Lion Island nation to stand on the spot with the last position when it was only 1 point in hand.

At the press conference after the match, Coach Mohamed Fadzuhasny pointed out the reasons for the failure of his players. “An unexpected match for me. Singapore's starting line-up was affected when pillars could not play for various reasons such as illness or injury. In this match, there are players who are the first to play. Therefore, the team did not play well.

The head coach also said: "The lack of key striker wearing No. 9 has greatly affected the overall play of the team. It is very disappointing but this is football and I have to accept the game”.

Strategist Mohamed Fadzuhasny showed interest in the players on the home side. He also praised the striker Nguyen Hoang of U18 Vietnam: "He is a strong, agile and extremely skillful player".

Thailand is the next opponent of  Vietnam U18 in the fourth match in the group stage. However, the Golden Temple team is showing a weak performance when it has just won 1 point after 3 matches. They only ranked above Singapore thanks to the sub-index.

Analysis of the strength between Thailand and Vietnam, coach Mohamed Fadzuhasny said: "Thailand and Vietnam are strong teams. Thailand is a strong team but has no luck in previous matches. They have many opportunities but cannot take advantage. ”

"Vietnam is the home team that showed good fighting spirit. I took the previous match, for example, you have lost a great deal of Australia in the match against Singapore U18, Vietnam has shown 100% performance to win. I congratulate the victory of the host team, ”said Mohamed Fadzuhasny.