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Malaysia U18 failed but still reached the semi-finals of 2019 AFF U18 tournament

Malaysia U18 failed but still reached the semi-finals of 2019 AFF U18 tournament

Malaysia U18 team had to accept defeat with the score 0-1 against Thailand U18, but they still enjoy the joy as the Vietnam U18 team played too disappointedly.

Thailand U18 team has definitely been eliminated from the 2019 AFF U18 tournament. Therefore, they entered the world with a very relaxed attitude in the duel with Malaysia U18. However, the team with the first dangerous chance is the yellow shirt players. Right in the 6th minute, Malaysia U18 had a very dangerous situation.

The two teams entered a relatively cautious match in the first 15 minutes. It was only 19 minutes before the match, U18 Thailand had a remarkable situation when launching a dangerous finish outside the penalty area, unfortunately the ball went over the bar.

Before the end of the first half, the Thai U18 player launched a shot at a distance of 1m from the goal of Malaysia U18, unable to understand why the ball went over the bar. The two teams left the field with a score of 0-0.

Entering the second half, the Thai U18 team played as much as possible. They maintained the high-speed defensive defensive play style, the ball was put into Malaysia U18 but the goal was not recognized due to offside in the 51st minute.

By 68 minutes, Malaysia U18 goalkeeper was too confident in keeping the ball and let Thailand's No. 9 player to dispute successfully, the finish on the blank was too easy. Thailand U18 team unexpectedly scored a goal that made Malaysia U18 face the risk of being eliminated. They competed determinedly in the remaining minutes but still could not change the situation, the result of Thailand U18 defeated Malaysia U18 with the minimum score.

Luckily smiled at Malaysia U18 when in the match at the same time, the Vietnamese U18 players had to receive a pity defeat with the score 1-2 before the U18 Cambodia, while the Australian U18 also won 5-0. before Singapore U18. Thus, Australia U18 and Malaysia U18 are the teams that reached the semi-finals.


Match information:

Malaysia U18 vs Thailand U18 , 2019 U18 AFF tournament

Time: 17:00 (GMT+8), August 15th

Venue: Thanh Long Stadium, HCM city, Vietnam

TV live channel: BDTV (VTVcab - Vietnam National Televison)

Thailand Under-18 team has been eliminated from the 2019 Southeast Asia U18 tournament in a more bitter way. After 4 matches have passed, the national team of Golden Temple still cannot taste the victory. They only won 2 points after 2 draws with Singapore and Vietnam. The climax of disappointment is nothing more than a defeat to Cambodia. All the weakest points of Thailand's U18 have been revealed.

Any expectation of the Thai people is poured into the match against U18 Vietnam. However, they only won 1 draw with 0 goals, with dozens of missed opportunities and refereeing yellow cards. After the match, assistant coach Bamrung Boonprom was dissatisfied: "Obviously we are disappointed with the disqualified result from the group stage. Thailand U18 played poorly and did not take advantage of the opportunities in the group. the match is over".

"Thailand U18 did not finish well in this tournament. We will return to the country to overcome the weaknesses towards the upcoming U19 Asian tournament. The players are tired of playing a lot in Thai League".

The last chance to win a first victory for the land of the Golden Temple is at the direct encounter U18 Thailand vs U18 Malaysia. Two teams with 2 sets of opposite sides, while Thailand U18 disappointed, Malaysia U18 made the fans very impressed, especially the 3-0 victory against Australia U18. They are the team leading the league at this time.

Just a draw in direct confrontation Thailand U18 vs U18 Malaysia also made U18 Vietnam extremely disadvantageous. We are 6 goals behind the top team, while hoping that Australia U18 lost points before U18 Singapore is very small.

In order to win the ticket, the brightest door for U18 Vietnam is in the hands of Thailand's U18. Our players need to do their job well in front of Cambodia and hope Malaysia will be defeated in today's confrontation.