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Malaysia U18 reached the final after the 'crazy' win against Indonesia U18

Malaysia U18 reached the final after the 'crazy' win against Indonesia U18

Malaysia U18 vs Indonesia U18 made an extremely attractive scenario took place in the first semifinals of the AFF U18 tournament. The situation is constantly turning and that is exactly the characteristic of young football.

Indonesia U18 and Malaysia U18 entered the semi-finals with great determination. Indonesia was rated higher than Malaysia, but that was not shown in the first 45 minutes of play.

After the continuous attacks of both sides, the difference was created by Malaysia. From the free-kick arrangement in the 19th minute, Aiman ​​hit the near-goal easily with the score.

Being led, Indonesia has been flooded to attack in search of a goal. However, the opportunities they created were blocked in the final situations. The first half thought ended with the advantage for Malaysia, suddenly in the 45th minute, Indonesia had a equalizer after a simple finish in the penalty area. Game 1 ended with a score of 1-1.

In the second half, the script is like the first 45 minutes again. Malaysia is still the leader. This time is a super product made after an impressive long shot.

Until the 79th minute, Malaysia U18 was still an advantage. But just a few minutes of distraction, they let Indonesia create a big surprise.

In the 80th minute, from the phase of beating and beating beautifully, the players of Indonesia U18 had equalizing tables. 2 minutes later, taking advantage of the mistake of defender Malaysia and Indonesia scored a 3-2 lead.

But that was not the end of Malaysia, they did not give up and that effort paid off. A minute after the goal, Malaysia received a penalty and they did not miss to equalize 3-3. 5 minutes and 3 goals brought the two teams to extra time.

In the 98th minute, Malaysia's superhuman header sent the team to a 4-3 lead! In the remaining minutes Indonesia couldn't do anything else and accepted a loss. So Malaysia won the first ticket to the final.