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Indonesia U18 won Brunei U18, closed to the semi-finals of the 2019 U18 AFF tournament

Indonesia U18 won Brunei U18, closed to the semi-finals of the 2019 U18 AFF tournament

Young Indonesian U18 players easily won Brunei U18 6-1 in the third match of Group A in the 2019 U18 AFF tournament on August 10th.

Score: Kahfi 8 ’& 76’, Juliansyah 10 ’& 43’, Putra Nugraha 25 ’, Zakiri 34’ - Mohd Hilmi 60 ’.

In the first two rounds, Indonesia U18 had six points with 11 goals scored, and leading Group A with the difference of superior goals (+10) the team also won two matches in Myanmar (+5). The team from ten thousand islands so more excited when entering the third game this afternoon, meeting Brunei - the team received eight goals in the previous two rounds.

The disparity in the rapid level was concretized by Indonesia with an overwhelming attack with the score opening table in the eighth minute. Bagus Kahfi wields the correctness to set up a good pass from a teammate. Only after two minutes, Kahfi himself brought a penalty to Indonesia when he was fouled by the Brunei goalkeeper in the penalty area. Juliansyah easily performs successfully, doubling the gap.

On the momentum of excitement, Indonesia played over and continued to score more goals. In the 25th minute, Putra Nugraha finished, increasing the score to 3-0. In about 10 minutes at the end of the first half, Indonesia scored two more, thanks to Zakiri and Juliansyah.

Brunei U18 defended passively and hardly reacted in the first half. But after the break, they suddenly shortened the score to 1-5. Mohd Hilmi escaped, easily scoring goals against the Indonesian goalkeeper in the 60th minute.

Despite being conceded, Indonesia still took the game, continuing to put pressure on the opponent's goal. 76 minutes, Kahfi cushion the ball into the near-wall line of the team, set a victory for Indonesia 6-1.

The 6-1 victory over Brunei helped Indonesia continue to hold top of Group A with goal difference (+15), more than Myanmar (+6). In the next match, Indonesia will meet Laos at 16:30 on August 12th, and Brunei will meet Myanmar at 20:00 on the same day. (all time is GMT+8)

In the remaining two matches of Group A yesterday, Myanmar and Laos both won 1-0 against Timor Leste and the Philippines.