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Indonesia U18 overcome East Timor U18 with no difficulties

Indonesia U18 overcome East Timor U18 with no difficulties

With superior qualities, Indonesia U18 won against East Timor U18 at the 2019 U18 AFF Championship.

In the second round of group A, the 2019 U18 AFF Championship, Indonesia U18 met the East Timor U18. Before the direct competitor to compete at the top, the young players of Van Dao played overwhelmingly and won jubilantly.

In the first half, Indonesia U18 actively played offensive and put pressure on East Timor's goal early on. The pressure of the top team made the U18 goalkeeper East Timor make a mistake, letting David Maulana score a beautiful goal in the 8th minute.

With an early goal, Indonesia's Under-18s continued to play overwhelmingly and scored a 2-0 goal thanks to Salman in the 42nd minute. Before the end of the first half, Putra Nugraha's strike was also able to score a goal. Increase the gap to 3 goals in the 45 + 1 minute.

Entering the second half, East Timor U18 actively pushed up the formation to seek a goal. However, this tactic caused the 'horse' team to open up the gap in the defense and help Armandoondriano score a 4-0 goal in the 79th minute. This is also the final score of the match.