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Australia U18 vs Malaysia U18 LIVE, AFF U18 Championship

Australia U18 vs Malaysia U18 LIVE, AFF U18 Championship

U18 Australia vs U18 Malaysia will directly affect the ability to continue when the difference of the 2 teams are only 3 points apart in the standings.

Australia U18 vs Malaysia U18 , AFF U18 Youth Championship

Time: 16:30, August 13th (GMT+8)

Venue: Thong Nhat Stadium, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

TV live channel: BTV5, BĐTV (VTVcab - Vietnam National Televison)

Australia U18 showed absolute strength in this tournament when they won all 3 matches and slumped on the top of the table. 12 goals is the second best achievement before the fourth match of the tournament.

Clearly with a developed football background like Australia, they deserve to be the No. 1 candidate for the championship. From fitness, techniques to tactics the country team of kangaroos are slightly better. Because of that, Vietnam or Thailand have dried their clothes in direct confrontations.

On the other side of Malaysia U18 will face the biggest challenge until this time of the tournament. Forcing Malaysia U18 to win 3 points because they are in the same position as the U18 Vietnam. At the same time, Vietnam U18 will meet the easier opponents in the last two matches of group stage.

The defeat against U18 Vietnam is a major disadvantage for U18 Malaysia's chances of going forward. At least a team of yellow jerseys cannot lose in today's match.