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Missing the crucial penalty, Vietnam U15 lost 0-2 against Indonesia U15

Missing the crucial penalty, Vietnam U15 lost 0-2 against Indonesia U15

On the afternoon of July 27th, Dinh The Nam's VietnamU15 lost 0-2 to Indonesia U15 in the opening match in Group A of the Southeast Asian U15 tournament 2019.

Being well prepared, Vietnam U15 is still cautious when launching and assessing against Indonesia is the decisive match in Group A.

After the whistle, the Vietnam took more control than the opponent. 15 minutes, the red shirt players had the opportunity to open the score when the referee blew the opponent into the penalty area. However, on the penalty spot of 11 m, Anh Quan finished with enough difficulty to defeat the goalkeeper of Indonesia U15.

During the first half, the team of coach Dinh The Nam played against the opponent, but could not have a goal. Striking a lot but unable to score, U15 Vietnam has to pay the price at the last minute of the first half. Valeron turned on his teammates before shooting a shot down the goalkeeper Nguyen Quang Truong.

Entering the second half, while U15 Vietnam still had no time to catch up, the U15 Indonesia had a goal of doubling the gap. Taking advantage of the messy ball in front of goal, Marselino made a definitive goal, bringing the score 2-0 to the opponent.

In the remaining minutes of the match, Coach Dinh The Nam took advantage of the right to substitute and constantly urged his students to deploy their attacks in search of a goal. However, Vietnam U15's efforts are not enough to penetrate enemy defense.

Ending the match, U15 failed with the score 0-2 against U15 Indonesia. Dinh The Nam's team had 2 days of rest before the match against the Philippines at 18:00 on July 29th.