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Overcoming Thailand U15, Malaysia U15 crowned the 2019 AFF U15 champion

Overcoming Thailand U15, Malaysia U15 crowned the 2019 AFF U15 champion

Despite being ahead, Malaysia U15 has excellently defeated Thailand U15 with a score of 2-1, thereby becoming the champion of the 2019 AFF U15 tournament.

After passing through the teams in Group A Vietnam U15 and Indonesia U15, the two teams in Group B U15 Malaysia and U15 Thailand have reunited each other in the final. And just like the group stage encounter, the two teams created a match that was equal.

Entering this match, Thai U15 players are full of confidence when playing at home. They kept pressing their opponents and soon got the lead from Theekawin Chansri in the 16th minute.

Malaysian U15 players, despite their great efforts, failed to capture the outstanding possesion control of the Thai U15 players.

In the second half, Malaysian U15 players rallied their formation with determination to find a goal. After a lot of effort, they had a goal in the 69th minute from the personal shining situation of Muhammad Izrin Ibrahim. The spectacular finish of 11 U15 Malaysia has brought the match back to the starting line.

Not yet in shock, the Thai U15 players had to concede a second goal. 79 minutes, from a corner kick, the number 7 midfielder Muhammad Nabil Qayyum Zainuddin had a high kick to kick the header into Thailand U15, raising the score to 2-1 for U15 Malaysia. The unexpected goal made Thai fans completely dumbfounded.

In the last minutes of the match, Thailand U15 rallied the squad to find a goal but found a deadlock in the defense of the majority of U15 Malaysia.

In the end, the Malaysian U15 team won with a score of 2-1, thereby winning the 2019 AFF U15 tournament.