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Malaysia U15 vs Vietnam U15 live: Young Tigers roars or the Golden Star shines?

Malaysia U15 vs Vietnam U15 live: Young Tigers roars or the Golden Star shines?

Not Timor Leste U15, which depends heavily on players suspected of age Paulo Freitas, or host U15 Thailand, perhaps Malaysia U15 is the most formidable team in the 2019 U15 AFF Championship. And they will be a big challenge for coach Dinh The Nam's team.

Many fans in Chonburi were shocked when Malaysia U15 suddenly knocked the Australian U15 champion down to 3 goals without removing in the group stage. But actually, this is not the first time this year, Young Tigers (nickname of this team) won such impressive victories.

Unbeaten in 2019

Although facing the opponent with better body shape than Australia U15, the U15 Malaysia proved that the key to winning is not power. The students of coach Maniam Pachaiappan after opening the score very early on the 11m, brought the opponent into the trap of counterattack that he had laid out, to record 2 more goals. That was the hinge victory that helped them win a ticket to the semifinals of the U15 South East Asia.

But that was not the first time this year, Malaysia U15 won over opponents who were judged to be better than themselves in terms of strength and strength. Last month, this team excelled in winning the CFA Hero League in Hainan Island (China), when defeating Iran U15 (2-0), U15 Korea (2-1), and holding a draw. U15 Chinese host 1-1. Also in this tournament, captain Nabil Zainuddin was voted the Best Player, while goalkeeper Zulhilmi Sharani received the best goalkeeper award.

In April, U15 Malaysia also won the Jockey Club tournament at Diamond Hill, Hong Kong when it won all three games before Singapore U15 (1-0), U15 Myanmar (6-1), U15 Hong Kong (4-0). ). But the match itself with the 90-minute format in Hainan (not the usual 80 minutes), in front of strong opponents, is clearly a quality test for the Southeast Asian U15 tournament 2019. Calculated, U15 Malaysia has been unbeaten in 11 games since the beginning of the year (8 wins, 3 draws), before all kinds of opponents, from strong, weak, to easy.

What makes the Malaysian youth team maintain such a stable performance? Take a look at their roster in this U15 South East Asia tournament, you will see: 22/23 members of the team are young players of Mokhtar Dahari National Football Academy, and clearly compared to other teams.

In this year's tournament, they broke out of cohesion, because they were gathered together for a long time. It is not a good way to build a training station on the national team, when the young players are big, but at the age of U15, it will be a great advantage in tournaments, which need time to assemble teams. image, as well as convey the philosophy of football.

Hard test

If the victory of Malaysia U15 before U15 Australia, many Vietnamese fans are afraid, their 1-1 draw against Laos U15 proves that at the young level, the level of difference between the teams is not much, and if as if it is not possible to keep focus, it is normal to pay the price. In that match, Malaysia U15 conceded from a mistake to break the ball of the defender, putting forward Thipphachan in a very favorable situation.

They have to wait until the 80th minute to get a break from a super funny situation: Vongsakda midfielder defeats the ball very hard on the horizontal line, the ball hits the ground and...bounces back to the level of Laos goalkeeper U15. In the last round of the group stage as well, they only managed to score 1-1 at the 80 minutes thanks to the Thai U15 kicking the net.

Witnessing U15 Malaysia playing in this tournament can see that they hold the ball very confidently and have short lines that are quite interesting. It is also quite similar to the big team, with the "Cheng-Hoe-ball" kick that was once shown at 2018 AFF Cup. If Maniam's young players draw experience from Laos U15 and U15 draws Thailand, they will certainly be a huge challenge for Vietnam U15.

Despite winning 4/5 matches in the group stage, but it can be seen that Vietnamese U15 players are still not really convinced. They won the Singapore U15 with just a penalty in the 80th minute, and beat U15 Timor Leste with a brilliant shot of Cai Van Quy in the 77th minute. weakness.

The match with Malaysia U15 this afternoon, so, will be a really tough test for Vietnamese.

Possible line-ups:

Vietnam U15: Quang Truong - Van Viet, Van Bay, Hai Nam, Ba Thanh - Van Quan, Anh Quan, Van Chi, Minh Toan, Duc Vinh - Cai Van Quy.

Malaysia U15: Zulhilmi Sharani - Ahmad Bakar, Muhammad Azian, Muhammad Sariffudin - Radzila Roizat, Hakim Nazri, Irfan Ezal, Mohammad Zarizal - Nabil Naizuddin, Zubaidi Buang, Muhamad Haizon.

Prediction: 1-1 (Malaysia U15 wins by the penalty shootout)