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Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thai's Olympic dream

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thai's Olympic dream

Al Hammdan's only goal has made Thailand U23's Olympic dream end after 90 thrilling minutes at Thammasat Stadium.

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thais Olympic dream

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thais Olympic dream

That's the end of the game! Akira Nishino's team has ended its 2020 AFC U23 Championship's campaign.


88': GREAT CHANCE!!! Abdulrahman Ghareeb puts the ball to the crossbar, lucky for Thailand!

86': ALMOST GOAL!!! Korraphat Nareechan's nice save has denied Saudi's 2nd goal in the previous situation...

83': Thailand U23 now pushes up all the formation in order to find the crucial leveled goal...

79': GOAL!!! Al-Hamdan is the man of the moment! He cooly converts the penalty to the opening score for Saudi Arabia U23!


73': SUBS: Jaroensak Wonggorn replaces Suphanat Muenta, this is a familiar substitution of coach Akira Nishino.

64': DANGEROUS!!! Goalkeeper Korraphat finds it difficult to save the ball. Saudi Arabia U23 is pushing up their formation...

58': SHOT!!! Sami Al-Najei makes a quick shot outside the box, however he is not successful.

54': LUCKY! Supachai Jaided seems to be hurt, but finally he is fit enough to continue playing.

50': A nice dribble of Supachok, however he cannot assist to teammates in the 16m50 box.


HALF TIME!!! The game remains goalless as both teams get their own chances.

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thais Olympic dream

45': Only 1 injured minute for the first half...

43': A series of nice attacking situations from Saudi Arabia U23, and it is Abdullah Al-Hamdan who misses a lot of chances.

40': Saudi Arabia U23 is now dominating the match, whereas the host must close down more to save the goal.

34': Another chance for Abdullah Al-Hamdan, but this time he is caught the offside trap of the host.

31': MISSED!!! Great chance for Abdullah Al-Hamdan as he takes the shot in the 5m50 box, but the ball goes wide for Saudi Arabia U23.

23': NICE SAVE!!! That is a mistake from goalkeeper Korraphat Nareechan, however Sorawit has made the crucial tackle to save Thai U23 from conceding.

17': HEADER!!! Abdulbaset Al-Hindi is the man who makes a header after a corner-kick of Saudi Arabia U23.

14': After a few first minutes dominating the game, Thailand U23 now is playing more slowly...

9': DANGEROUS!!! Nice chance for Abdullah Al-Hamdan, however he cannot attempt to make the shot!

1': The match has just begun!

Starting lineup:

Thailand U23: Korraphat Nareechan, Thitawee Auksornsri, Thitathorn Auksornsri, Supachai Chaided, Supachok Sarachart, Anon Amornlerdsak, Meechok Marhasaranukun, Saringkan Promsupa, Sorawit Panthong, Suphanat Mueanta, Kritsada Kaman.

U23 Saudi Arabia: Mohammed Al Yami, , Abdulbaset Al-Hindi, Hassan Al Tambakti, Sami Al-Najei, Abdullah Al-Hamdan, Ayman Al-Khulaif, Khalid Dubaysh, Ali Al-Hassan, Khalid Al-Ghannam, Mukhtar Ali, Saud Abdulhamid.

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thais Olympic dream

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thais Olympic dream

Thailand U23 vs Saudi Arabia U23 match information

Time: 18:15 (GMT+8) on January 18th

Venue: Thammasat Stadium, Pathum Thani

Competition: 2020 AFC U23 Championship

After an impressive performance against Iraq U23, Akira Nishino and his side hope to bring their momentum all the way to the next match. They had to experience a hard-fought battle up until the last minute to end the match at the 1-1 scoreline, just enough to take them to the next stage.

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thais Olympic dream

As for the host’s opponent, their group stage phase was rather impressive. They have shown to be the better side at each of their matches, against Japan U23, Qatar U23 and Syria U23, ended the group with 7 points and moved on to the knock-outs.

The two U23 sides met only once back in 2016, which settled out for a 1-1 stalemate at the AFC U23 Championship. But in the next encounter, there will be no even scoreline, as the winner must be found to enter the semi-final.

At the national team level, Thailand's last win against Saudi Arabia was back in 1984, at a national friendly match. Since then, they have lost 12 matches, drew only once.

Manager Akira Nishino will step into this match with confidence, as he has never suffered a loss against a West Asian side in his managerial career. He had 2 wins and 1 draw until now, and hope to deliver this form into the next match, even though Thailand U23 is considered to be the weaker side.

Thailand U23 0-1 Saudi Arabia U23: VAR kill Thais Olympic dream

The host will certainly want to recreate another fairy tale like Vietnam U23 two years ago, as Park Hang Seo took his side all the way against the odds, to the final of the competition, only to lose against Uzbekistan U23 in extra time. Should Thailand U23 overcome their quarter-final match, it will be either the champion or the winner of group D their upcoming opponent in the semi-final.

Both teams will step into the match with no suspensions and significant injuries. It will be a tense match between Saudi Arabia U23's organized and strict tactics and Thailand U23's free-flowing and fast attacking style of play. The match will be of great anticipation, and will surely be looked forward to. 

Thailand U23 vs Saudi Arabia potential lineups

Thailand U23:  Korraphat Nareechan, Thitawee Auksornsri, Thitathorn Auksornsri, Chatchai Saengdao, Shinnaphat Leeaoh, Airfan Doloh, Wisarut Imura, Worachit Kanitsribumphen, Supachok Sarachart, Suphanat Muenta, Supachai Chaided.

Saudi Arabia U23: Mohammed Al-Rubaie, Saud Abdulhamid, Abdulelah Al-Amri, Abdullah Hassoun, Tomban Tombakti, Khalid Al-Ghannam, Hussain Al-Eisa, Saad Al-Selouli, Ayman Yahya, Firas Al-Buraikan, Abdullah Al-Hamdan.