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Scoring no goals in two matches, Park Hang Seo loses his magic?

Scoring no goals in two matches, Park Hang Seo loses his magic?

In theory, Vietnam U23 still has the chance to advance to the quarter-finals, however, it is very small.

In the 2020 AFC U23 Championship, Vietnam U23 is the only team having no goals scored and conceded. Consequently, even though they managed to avoid losing in the first two games, they lost the chance to take advantage of advancing to the quarter-finals.

In the last match of the group stage against DPR Korea U23 team, Vietnam faces many problems when their attackers could not score in the two consecutive games, which was abnormal compared to them two years ago.

Speaking about the current situation of the Vietnam U23 team, coach Park Hang Seo admitted that his players were afraid of shooting. It seemed that they wanted to be shoot carefully, however, it made them unable to score goals in the first two matches.

That phenomenon can happen again when Vietnam fights against DPR Korea U23 because even coach Park does not know how to tell his attackers to play with their true form.

In the first match, he let Nguyen Tien Linh played alongside Ha Duc Chinh, however, after few days, he just picked Tien Linh as the main striker. Both tactics had no effect.

Another problem with the Vietnam U23 team is the fact that they do not have any holding midfielder. In the 30th SEA Games men's football event, Park had to choose an over-age player named Do Hung Dung to play that role.

Consequently, without Hung Dung in the team, Park found it difficult to launch attacks properly. In the Vietnam U23 team at the moment, Nguyen Quang Hai is the main taking that role even though it is not his main position.