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Revealing the nation to replace Thailand U23 to attend 2020 AFC U23 Championship

Revealing the nation to replace Thailand U23 to attend 2020 AFC U23 Championship

In the case Thailand U23 is eliminated because of losing the host right, the top 5 runner-up team in the qualifying round will have the opportunity to attend the 2020 AFC U23 Championship.

Recently, the AFC (Asian Football Federation) continuously sent warnings about Thailand's deprivation of the right to host 2020 @AFC U23 Championship. In particular, FAT Chairman Somyot Poompunmuang voiced his confirmation of the problem of upgrading the tournament organization infrastructure.

Mr. Somyot Poompunmuang also sent a warning to Thai sports officials. Specifically, the head of FAT said that if not quickly funded to upgrade 4 stadiums, Thailand will lose the right to host and U23 'Elephant battle' will be disqualified for losing the host.

The AFC inspection team will return to Thailand for a final assessment in October 2019. In the case of a tiered facility still failing to meet the requirements, AFC will transfer Thailand's hosting rights to another country.

It is likely that AFC will seek a country in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam or Indonesia, to replace Thailand in organizing the tournament. VFF is definitely not interested in this, because Vietnam U23 has won tickets to the final round and is ranked in the first seed group.

However, the Indonesian Football Federation (PSSI) will be interested, because if given the right to host, Indonesia U23 will replace Thailand U23 to attend 2020 AFC U23 Championship as the home team. Earlier in the qualifiers, Indonesia U23 lost to Vietnam U23 and Thailand U23, thereby ranking third and eliminated. Thailand U23, although ranked 2nd, was eliminated because it failed to make it into the top four best teams.

In the case of the AFC awarding the host to the country that won the ticket, the left slot of 2020 AFC U23 Championship will will be rewarded to Tajikistan U23 - the fifth best team in the qualifying group.