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REVEAL: Guus Hiddink still works with China Olympic team

REVEAL: Guus Hiddink still works with China Olympic team

Although Hiddink resigned the managerial role at the China U23 team, he still works with them as a technical adviser, a part-timer.

Last year, CFA appointed Guus Hiddink to become the head coach of China U20 and U23 teams. However, he resigned after China U23 players lost Vietnam U23 in an exhibition match.

From the perspective of China football officials, losing against Vietnam was an unacceptable result, which made them ask Hiddink to take responsibility.

Because of that, Hiddink had no option but leaving the hot seat, however, he managed to make another deal with CFA to earn money from working with the China team.

When Hiddink started working with the young China team, his salary was about three million euros a year. That amount moved down to 700 thousand after he agreed with CFA to stay as a technical advisor.

That new job did not as Hiddink to work in China anymore, because he just needed to send advice to Chinese coaches. Although it was a part-time job, Hiddink's earning was too high even though he did not work every day.

All he did was to contact CFA to give some good advice after seeing players through the Internet.

The advisor contract between Hiddink and CFA will be terminated if the China U23 team misses the chance to play at the 2020 Olympics. It seems that it will become true in the AFC U23 Championship.