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I KNOW WHY YOU FAILED: China U23 players use KIDS' rubber bath tubs

I KNOW WHY YOU FAILED: China U23 players use KIDS' rubber bath tubs

Cristiano Ronaldo will laugh if he sees how China U23 members prepare for helping players immerse their bodies in freezing cold water.

China U23 team studies carefully about the benefits of ice baths, which speeds up recovery for football players after exercise. However, what they did to prepare the ice bathtubs at the 2020 AFC U23 Championship will make people laugh.

Instead of buying proper rubber tubs, they chose the ones decorated by animation characters that are normally used by children. "It seems that they want to make Chinese players become a joke at the tournament", commented a Facebook user.

Agreeing with him, another man said that that poor preparation explained why China football teams failed in recent competitions.

Although China U23 team members said that they came to Thailand with the hope to qualify for the 2020 Olympics men's football event, Chinese supporters did not believe in them.

They lost the faith after seeing the poor performance of the China national football team in 2019, losing Syria at the World Cup qualification round, which made Marcello Lippi decide to resign from the managerial role.

Before that, his fellow coworker Guus Hiddink was sacked from the head coach of China U23 team after they lost Vietnam in a friendly match.

Many people assumed that Chinese players, who were playing at the Chinese Super League, earned too much money at an early age, making them lose the motivation to compete at major tournaments.