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Guus Hiddink is criticized for staying in the Netherlands more than China

Guus Hiddink is criticized for staying in the Netherlands more than China

Received the lead of China U23 from September 2018 but the 72-year-old coach Guus Hiddink took little care for the job.

"Compared to the previous rounds, the list of Chinese U23 teams is almost unchanged. Except 2 players are promoted to the team, many players play well in the Super League and the First Division has not summoned", PP Sport commented. "Since taking office last year, Guus Hiddink has been repeatedly criticized for his conservatism. Players of good quality are not called, and those who are almost only in the club are given the opportunity at U23 team, even key players".

Hiddink took the lead of Chinese U23 from September 2018, two years after he left the acting coach in Chelsea. The 72-year-old leader enjoyed a post-tax salary of USD 4.7 million a year, and was tasked to bring China U23 to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Under Hiddink's leadership, China won tickets to the Asia U23 Finals in Thailand. However, they played unconvincingly in the qualifiers. Before the final match against host Malaysia, China had six points but more than the difference, and just to go forward. But Hiddink's team were twice led by "Tigers", and had to wait until the 84th minute to fix a 2-2 draw.

On September 8, Hiddink's team will play friendly against Vietnam U22 at Hoang Thach, Hubei Province, China. Three days earlier, the owner of the Korean U22 duel. This is considered an important support for the target of the U22 Asian U23 semi-final in 2020 of China. However, PP Sport expressed doubts: "In addition to returning to Beijing in July 2019 to watch a match of Beijing National Security, Hiddink almost did not follow the Super League. He spent most of his time in Ha. Lan. Before every two or three days, every day Hiddink flew back to China".

Eastday was also not satisfied with the way the Hiddink coaching team was headed. "The list of 29 players that Hiddink announced on the 16th of August has four goalkeepers, but they all did not catch themselves at the club. The two were under 23 years old and were the pillars of their team: Tran Chieu Hoa (Than Hoa Thuong Hai), Truong Nham Tac (To Ninh Giang) is not considered well, the problem of these two players is that Hiddink has no time to watch them compete, "the page wrote. "Hiddink has almost no information about new players. It is hard to believe that he can make a successful jump with such preparations."

At the 2020 U23 AFC championship, China is in the third group. Hiddink's team could meet Vietnam, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Qatar - seeded teams in the group stage.