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Following the women team, DPR Korea U23 may withdraw at the last minute?

Following the women team, DPR Korea U23 may withdraw at the last minute?

Korean media has raised questions about the possibility of DPR Korea U23 to withdraw from the 2020 Olympic Games qualifying.

DPR Korea U23 is a team with many unknowns like their country, therefore the media does not have much information about this team. However, by judging DPR Korea around the tournaments they have attended recently, we can also see their power as the number one player of DPR Korea football - Han Kwang Song is playing for Juventus, while Choe Song Hyok playing for Arezzo Club in Serie C.

However, the Korean media suddenly raised questions about the possibility that this team could quit the 2020 AFC U23 championship as they used to leave many continental tournaments at the last minute.

The Seoul Sport newspaper wrote: 'Ever since attending the Dazu Cup in China in the middle of last month, the DPR Korea U23 has almost disappeared. Therefore, after the DPR Korea women team withdrew from the third qualifying round for the 2020 Olympic Games, the public began to raise the possibility that their men U23 team will do the same'.

'Beforewards, AFC has stated on December 24th that the DPR Korea women's team would not attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifiers held in Jeju in February 2020. This has been the third tournament that the DPR Korea football that has acted improperly in the past 3 months'.

The opinion of the Korean media is based on the high number of withdrawal at the last minute of DPR Korea football.

Despite making reasonable analyzes, the AFC side has not received the DPR Korean U23 will not attend the tournament until now. Thus, the fixtures of the 2020 AFC U23 Championship will still take place as expected.