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DON'T WORRY: Park Hang Seo reveals the secret to win two remaining games

DON'T WORRY: Park Hang Seo reveals the secret to win two remaining games

After drawing the first match against UAE, coach Park Hang Seo said that he was planning some tactics to aim for winning Jordan and DPR Korea.

Asked by international reporters in the press conference after the first match, Park Hang Seo said he satisfied to 1 point. However, to advance to the quarter-finals, the Vietnam U23 team needed to train some new tactics.

Park revealed: "Basically, we played with the 3-4-3 formation, however, when we lost the ball, we turned into the 5-4-1. Consequently, it took us much time to transit from 5-4-1 to 3-4-3 when we launched attacks. To solve that problem, we have to train to help players adapt".

Currently, Vietnam is standing in the second position of Group D, having the same point with UAE U23 but won thanks to the disciplinary points as the regulations of the 2020 AFC U23 Championship.

However, they have many to do in the following games, because both Jordan and DPR Korea U23 teams proved that they are also strong teams competing in the tournament. To qualify for the knock-out stage, Vietnam U23 needs to gain at least 3 points from 2 remaining games, which is possible for them.

Another problem with the Vietnam U23 team is their defenders, who were saved by VAR technology in the first match. Initially, Park intended to choose Tran Dinh Trong to be in the starting lineup.

Nevertheless, he could not appear when the match started, only appearing in the second half. Only by having Dinh Trong who showed a stable performance can Vietnam U23 team hope to qualify for the group stage.