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Doan Van Hau can attend both SEA Games 30 and 2020 U23 AFC championship

Doan Van Hau can attend both SEA Games 30 and 2020 U23 AFC championship

Playing in the Netherlands, defender Doan Van Hau can still participate in both non-FIFA Days tournaments: SEA Games 2019 and 2020 U23 AFC championship.

Immediately after completing the contract with SC Heerenveen Club on September 2, Doan Van Hau became a rookie of the Dutch league and played in the 2019-2020 season. However, what experts and fans are most concerned about is whether he can return to attend important tournaments like the SEA Games later this year or U23 Asian Cup finals 2020 or not.

Doan Van Hau's debut ceremony yesterday was delayed for a few minutes because the two sides needed time to agree on some agreements. According to the recent statement of the election Hien, besides pledging to Hau to play at least 20% of the number of matches, the Dutch club is obliged to release at the time of the SEA Games 2019. Heerenveen initially did not agree. but in the end everything was settled.

Doan Van Hau can attend both SEA Games 30 and 2020 U23 AFC championship

So Van Hau can return to attend the 30th SEA Games in November this year. But what about the 2020 U23 AFC championship, a tournament on the continental level where Vietnam is currently the runner-up?

The SEA Games gold medal is something that every Vietnamese fan craves, but after all, football is just a competition in the arena for the region and does not receive much attention from countries outside the region. 2020 U23 AFC championship is different, this is an opportunity for Vietnamese football to compete in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In theory, the Heerenveen Club is not obligated to release Doan Van Hau for the 2020 U23 AFC championship because FIFA Days only applies to national teams, not young tournaments. However, it is fortunate for Hau that this tournament coincides with the winter break of the Dutch league, specifically from December 22, 2019 to January 18th, 2020, while 2020 U23 AFC championship finals took place from January 8 to January 26, 2020.

Thus, despite playing in Europe, Doan Van Hau can still attend both non-FIFA Days tournaments, SEA Games 30 and 2020 U23 AFC championship (in case he has full physical fitness).

Specifically, he has the opportunity to play all three 2020 U23 AFC championship group matches in the 2020 U23 team for Vietnam during the winter break of the Dutch league. In the case of Park Hang-seo's team go deeply, Doan Van Hau will also have a great chance to play if he is accepted by Heerenveen Club because the knockout matches only take place within 1 week instead of extending 2 weeks like the SEA Games 30.