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Coach Park Hang Seo will not lead Vietnam U22 to face Guus Hiddink and China U22

Coach Park Hang Seo will not lead Vietnam U22 to face Guus Hiddink and China U22

VFF and coach Park Hang-seo are planning to prepare staff for Vietnam and U22 Vietnam at the end of this year.

The Vietnam team will launch the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign with a match against Thailand on September 5 on the away field before continuing to have four more matches, equally divided between October and November.

Because these are all short-term gatherings, alternating with V.League, Coach Park Hang-seo will not summon too many players as long-term gatherings.

Talking to press, General Secretary of Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) Le Hoai Anh confirmed: "The list of Vietnam recruitment for World Cup qualifiers will not be too much. The training committee only calls a few people over the number 23 because in the process of concentration can generate errors. However, the general point is not to call much because the time is too short.

“In October, when the team played 2 consecutive matches against Malaysia and Indonesia, the Vietnam team will summon more players. Coach Park is calculating the amount needed for each round, VFF will respect his decision, "said VFF Secretary General.

According to VFF's plan, the focus sessions in September and October last only 7 to 10 days. In November, Vietnam will have more than 20 days of focus. Coach Park Hang-seo will just prepare for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifier, just preparing for the 30th SEA Games to take place soon after.

Mr. Park will focus his efforts on five 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers this year. After the qualifying round stopped, he joined the U22 Vietnam to attend SEA Games. Before that, the U22 team will be led by assistant Kim Han-yoon.

Mr. Kim will also be the one who brought Vietnam U22 to China for friendly football with the team trained by Guus Hiddink. During the period of national recruitment, the best personnel of Vietnamese football will give priority to the national team. U22 still primarily uses reserve players, who are playing in First Division and rookie groups.