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Thai coach Akira Nishino: 'At the U23 level, no team is so outstanding'

Thai coach Akira Nishino: 'At the U23 level, no team is so outstanding'

Coach Akira Nishino said that Thailand U23 would have a difficult campaign in the 2020 U23 AFC tournament, but the opportunity was divided equally for the teams.

In the afternoon of September 26th in Thailand, the draw for the 2020 U23 AFC championship took place. According to the draw results, U23 Vietnam is in Group D with the DPRK, Jordan and UAE. Thailand hosts the same table as Iraq, Australia and Bahrain.

After the draw, Thai U23 coach Akira Nishino had a quick discussion with the media, commenting on the home team's opportunity. He said: "Regardless of the draw results, the whole team is well prepared and tries our best. The opponent is strong and we have to prepare as much as we can to get ready to fight".

"Under the age of 23, no team is more outstanding. Obviously, I also need to find out more about our players, as well as the opponents. By the end of the year, Thailand U23 will have a chance to compete at SEA Games. After that, the team will try to prepare the best for the U23 AFC championship".

Thai coach Akira Nishino: At the U23 level, no team is so outstanding

2020 U23 AFC championship takes place from January 8th to January 26th in Thailand. This is also the Tokyo Olympic qualifiers. The top three teams with Japan will participate in the 32nd Summer Olympics.

Nishino said he would love to lead Thailand U23 in Japan, his hometown. "Of course, this competition is still competing for the ticket to attend the 2020 Olympics. It will be held in Japan, my hometown. I personally want to do it. However, to do this, the players must devote more, effort training", he added.