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Southeast Asian teams made surprises in the 2020 AFC U19 qualifier

Southeast Asian teams made surprises in the 2020 AFC U19 qualifier

After the first 3 matchdays in the 2020 AFC U19 qualifier, the Southeast Asia teams are creating a lot of surprises.

The 2020 AFC U19 qualifier is going on from November 4th to November 10th with a lot of surprises. Especially the teams in Southeast Asia are not appreciated are the people who have many opportunities to go to the finals in Uzbekistan.

1. U19 Laos keeps going

The most surprising in this year's qualifier probably comes from the excellence of Laos U19. Falling into the group game including Australia, Taiwan and Macau, Laos football did not dare to think about winning the ticket. However, Laos U19 is currently the Southeast Asia team with the most opportunities to enter the official tournament.

In the first match, U19 Laos made a huge surprise when they drew Australia U19 with a score of 2-2. With a 2-0 early lead and more players on the field in most of the time, but the lack of experience made U19 Laos unable to preserve the victory.

In the second match, U19 Laos continued to make a surprise when they won 2-1 against U19 Chinese Taipei. With 4 points after 2 matches, just winning against U19 Macau in the final round, it is likely that Laos U19 will have tickets to Uzbekistan next year. With what is shown, this task is not too difficult for the Elephants.

2. U19 Thailand is the most disappointed

Considered to be the strongest team in Group G including Malaysia, Cambodia, Northern Mariana and Brunei, but with the current situation, fate is no longer in the hands of Thailand U19.

Thai team was incredibly impressive when scoring up to 30 goals and not conceding in the first 2 rounds. However, the embarrassing defeat of 2-1 against Cambodia U19 yesterday made them difficult. Currently, Thailand U19  is ranked 3rd in Group G and can not determine their own destiny.

In the last round against U19 Malaysia, the team of coach Issara Sritharo was forced to win and hoped that Cambodia U19 lost points against Brunei U19 before they could win tickets to the 2020 AFC U19 championship qualifier. However, it is very difficult for this to happen with what the home team U19 Cambodia is showing.

3. Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia share the same objective

All these 3 teams must meet an opponent who is more appreciated in the last round. Among these, U19 Vietnam is the team with the most disadvantages.

Indonesia U19 is playing quite impressively, winning all 6 points after the first 2 matches. They defeated U19 East Timor 3-1 and won 4-0 against U19 Hong Kong. In the final match against U19 DPR Korea, only need a draw, Indonesia U19 will have tickets to attend the finals next year.

Similar things are applied to Malaysia U19. After the unexpected defeat of U19 Thailand, the Tigers rose to the top of Group G, leaving the opponents behind 3 points. In case drawing Thailand in the final match, U19 Malaysia will accomplish the goal. But playing against Thailand U19 who are highly determined, young Malaysian players will have to be very focused to complete this task.

The most disadvantage is probably Vietnam U19. Not being able to score many goals against 2 weaker opponents Guam and Mongolia put them in a difficult position. The players of coach Philippe Troussier are forced to win Japan to win the top spot or at least get 1 point in the next match to compete in the top 4 of the second-best team.

The final round of the 2020 AFC U19 qualifier will take place on November 10th.