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Vietnam U16 vs Mongolia U16 results & score: Vietnam comes back to top of the table

Vietnam U16 vs Mongolia U16 results & score: Vietnam comes back to top of the table

Let us see some the latest results as well as score of Vietnam U16 vs Mongolia U16 match in AFC U16 Championship qualifier.

Vietnam U16 vs Mongolia U16: 7-0 (FT)

Right in the first minutes, Vietnam U16 showed its complete superiority in class and quality of the squad. And the Vietnam U16 players do not take too long to find the opponent's net. Right from the 5th minute, a defender on the Mongolian side touched the ball in the penalty area and helped Vietnam U16 get a penalty. On the 11m spot, captain Do Van Chi gently defeated the keeper, bringing the score to Vietnam U16.

Having an advantage early, Vietnam U16 is easier to deploy the game. The students of coach Dinh The Nam are very comfortable with their offensive plans. Meanwhile, the resistance of Mongolia U16 proved too weak. People can no longer see the image of a resilient Mongolian U16 like in the match against U16 Australia. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that in the first 45 minutes, Vietnam U16 had 3 more goals (thanks to the efforts of Anh Quan, Cong Son and an own goal of the Mongolian U16 defender) to enter. break with the advantage of 4 goals difference.

After the break, the situation did not get any better for Mongolia U16. Even when Vietnam U16 took the initiative to reduce the tempo of the match, the ball still barely rolled in the field of Mongolia U16. In fact, despite playing slower, Vietnam U16 still owns many delicious opportunities. And by the 74th minute, the player received a lot of expectation that Cai Van Quy had definitely ended, bringing the fifth goal for Vietnam U16.

By this time, the fighting spirit of Mongolia U16 was completely defeated and it seemed they were just waiting for the referee's final whistle. Meanwhile, Vietnam U16 still had two more goals thanks to the efforts of Minh Tu and Duc Vinh to set the bold victory of 7-0.

With destruction of the Mongolian opponent, Vietnam U16 returned to the top of Group H. The army of coach Dinh The Nam had the same score as U16 Australia but was superior in goal difference. The next match of Vietnam U16 will be the U16 Macau encounter on September 20th.

Vietnam U16 vs Mongolia U16 match information

Time: 19:00 (GMT+8) on September 18th

Venue: Vietnam YFTC Field no. 1, Hanoi

Competition: Group H of 2020 AFC U16 Championship qualifier

In Group H of 2020 AFC U16 Championship qualifier, Vietnam U16 and Australia U16 are two bright candidates for the top spot - the position will have tickets to attend the final round. Objectively commented, Vietnam U16 is a better team when they are the host nation of Group H in the qualifying group H. At the moment, the red shirt team is also showing better form than the opponent.

Details, Vietnam U16 had a smooth match with a 2-0 victory over Timor-Leste U16. 1 month ago, Vietnam U16 played not so bad at the U16 AFF Championship when they were in the top 4 of the strongest teams in the tournament. In contrast, Australia U16 soon stopped in the group stage.

Back to the second match in group H, Vietnam U16 had a comfortable match against Mongolia U16 and this is an opportunity for them to find a victory, thereby breaking through the table. If played properly, the home team will be confident of having a victory with a different ratio to compare with Australia U16 in the case of two teams equal points.

The ambition of Vietnam U16 is even more grounded when Mongolia U16 is not a team of the same level. It should be known that the East Asia team won only 1 match with a minimum score of 1-0 against the U16 Macau roadside team, the remaining was a 1-2 defeat against Australia U16.

In fact, Vietnam U16 is not too strange to Mongolia U16 when they used to meet in the 2018 U16 AFC Qualifier and in the direct confrontation, Vietnam U16 easily defeated the opponent with a score of 9-0.