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Myanmar U16 vs Thailand U16 results & score: Easy win for Thai

Myanmar U16 vs Thailand U16 results & score: Easy win for Thai

Let us see the latest results as well as score of Myanmar U16 vs Thailand U16 match in AFC U16 Championship qualifier.

Myanmar U16 vs Thailand U16: 0-4 (FT)

Despite being a guest in Yangon, the young Thai players were not worried at all. Even in the first minutes, they showed coherence in the game with the implementation of the ball very smoothly.

Thailand quickly scored the opening goal after a small coordination situation, before scoring another goal in the same scenario. The ball is stretched across the goal of Myanmar U16 and the task of the player in the penalty area is very easy. Before the first half ended, they also scored 1 more goal to take the lead with 3-0.

Entering the second half, the U16 Myanmar team was forced to take risks and push the squad higher. However, Thailand U16 right now with 3 goals in the lead is no hurry. They maintain a slow pace but still create many delicious opportunities towards the goal of U16 Myanmar.

Before the match ended, Thailand U16 had 1 more goal to complete the victory with a score of 4-0. With this victory, the Golden Temple country team is completely confident towards the next matches in the 2020 U16 AFC qualifier.

Myanmar U16 vs Thailand U16 match information

Time: 19:30 (GMT+8) on September 18th

Venue: Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon      

Competition: Group K of 2020 AFC U16 Championship qualifier

Thailand U16 entered the opening match of the 2020 AFC U16 qualifier with the goal of winning all 3 points, thereby rekindling the hope of getting a place in the top 2 of Group K - the group including South Korea and Chinese Taipei. In the opening match, Thailand U16 will meet the host of the group - Myanmar U16.

Back to the past, Myanmar's U16 teams often receive disappointing results when they encounter Thailand. Specifically, they have lost all five matches against Thailand U16 in every arena attended in the last decade.

At the moment, Myanmar U16 is not a team that can be trusted when they have just lost 3, drew 1 and only won 1 of 5 matches in the 2019 U16 AFF tournament, and soon stopped in the group stage. Meanwhile, Thailand U16 is the runner-up team of that tournament.

Thailand U16 only lost to U16 Malaysia in the final after being sent off to 2 players. Before that, they won 4 and drew 2 of 6 matches from the group stage to the semi-finals. Therefore, this could be a victory for the Thai team against Myanmar!