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Mongolia almost created a shock over Australia in the AFC U16 Championship qualifier

Mongolia almost created a shock over Australia in the AFC U16 Championship qualifier

Let us see some the latest results as well as score of Australia U16 vs Mongolia U16 match in AFC U16 Championship qualifier.

Full time: Australia U16 2-1 Mongolia U16

Prior to the start of the 2020 AFC U16 qualifier, the Mongolian coach revealed that the players attending this tournament were trained under a very special program. That was shown in the match against the Australian team and their most outstanding feature was physical strength.

In the first half, the Australian U16 team took the initiative and completely dominated the match. They won in most of the disputes and quickly pushed Mongolia U16 to retreat deep to the home ground. Despite maximum concentration in the defensive front, the Mongolian players still have to go to the net to pick the ball twice in the first half.

At the end of the first half, many people believed that U16 Australia will have a good day in the match. However, the unexpected happened when U16 Mongolia played extremely persistently. Although at the age of U16, their disputes as well as dribbling did not appear exhausted, although most of the time of the game has passed.

The bigger surprise came in the 65th minute when Mongolian U16's No 10 player got in on the ball. The shot from outside the box brought the goal down to shorten the score, and pushed Australia U16 into a nervous situation.

In the remaining minutes, Mongolia U16 continue to play well and create some opportunities to score. However, they could not achieve what they wanted and had to accept defeat with the score 1-2. Anyway, the Mongolian U16 players still had a very commendable day.

In the remaining match in Group H, Macau U16 team failed with a score of 1-6 against U16 Timor Leste. Thus, Macau U16 continued to stomp in the final position and Timor Leste U16 rose to the first position in the table.

Australia U16 vs Mongolia U16 match information

Time: 19:00 (GMT+8) on September 16th

Venue: Vietnam YFTC Field no. 3, Hanoi, Vietnam

Competition: Group H of AFC U16 Championship qualifier

U16 Australia experienced August with a disappointed face. Specifically, the Kangaroo team soon stopped in the U16 group stage of Southeast Asia. Specifically, they get 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, ranked 3rd in Group B - 2 teams behind Malaysia and Thailand, exactly 1 point.

Back to the present time, U16 Australia entered the U16 Asian qualifier campaign and they have the opening match against Mongolia U16. For the tone fans, this is an opportunity for the yellow shirt team to have a victory to revamp the spirit.

Absolutely understandable because Mongolia U16 is not a worthy opponent of U16 Australia. Be aware, the last time to attend the AFC U16 Championship qualifier, Mongolia U16 has lost all 5 matches attended. Notably, they each had a heavy defeat 1-10 against Australia U16 itself. Losing in all aspects, from the quality of the team, the style, and class, it is not surprising if Mongolia U16 will add a taste of defeat with the difference ratio against the opponent Australia U16.