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Australia U16 vs Macau U16 results & score: Nathan Nguyen is the brightest star

Australia U16 vs Macau U16 results & score: Nathan Nguyen is the brightest star

Let us see the latest results as well as score of Australia U16 vs Macau U16 match in AFC U16 Championship qualifier.

Australia U16 vs Macau U16 results & score: Nathan Nguyen is the brightest star

Immediately after the opening whistle, Australia U16 dominated the white shirt team with an impressive possession. The ball was constantly pushed into the penalty area causing Macau to wobble. In the 10th minute, Australia U16's opportunity was concretized.

From the crossroads of his teammate, Nathan Nguyen easily scored the match opener. At the 26th minute, it was Nathan Nguyen who made a clever move and made a high-class shot for the team to escape. The horizontal phase made the Macau defender hit an own goal.

Nathan Nguyen deserved to be the best player of the match at the end of the first half, his shot from the edge surprised the Macau goalkeeper and had to watch the ball into the net.

Entering the second half, Australia kicked off and replaced a number of pillars. They take the initiative in holding the volley back and forth to allow time to gradually pass the match. 90 minutes closed with a 3-star victory for Trevor Morgan's players.

Australia U16 vs Macau U16 match information

Time: 17:00 (GMT+8) on September 18th

Venue: Vietnam YFTC Field no. 1, Hanoi

Competition: Group H of 2020 AFC U16 Championship qualifier

Australia U16 is in Group H with Vietnam U16 - the host of group H. With the formula of only the first team going straight to the 2020 AFC U16 Championship (plus 4 best second-placed teams), Australia U16 will become a direct competitor to Vietnam U16 host in this table.

The first round, Australia U16 was given a break because Group H had 5 teams, so they were temporarily lagged (U16 Vietnam won U16 Timor Leste 2-0). However, everything is still under control of Australia U16. In the second round of group H, Australia U16 defeated Mongolia U16 2-1.

In 2013, also in the AFC U16 Championship qualifier, Australia U16 destroyed Macau U16 with the score 14-1. Over the years, U16 Macau has not made much progress. They are always the team that paved the way in the participating competitions. So no one is surprised to know that Macau U16 is losing 17 games in a row in the AFC U16 Championship qualifying campaigns and only scored a mere 3 goals.

In the last 2 matches, Macau U16 also lost to Mongolia U16 0-1 and lost to U16 Timor Leste 1-6. Obviously the level of Australia U16 is superior, and they can afford to win heavily!